The Numinous x Selfridges Astrolounge

Ever since my marriage broke down nearly three (!!!) years ago I feel like I’ve been on something of a spiritual journey. It’s been very much an unconscious thing, as if I’ve been hunting down my position in the Universe. I’ve never been religious at all but it’s become important to me to work out why things in life happen, what our purpose is on this planet and what I can do to be a good person in this life.

The me of five years ago would be rolling her eyes and muttering something about yoghurt weaving right now ;)

My spiritual discovery really picked up when I spent a week in Thailand earlier this year and was introduced to the Buddhist way of life. I came back feeling different – enlightened in a way – and altogether excited to discover more about what that meant forThe Numinous x selfridges Astrolounge me.

Fast forward 5 months and I’m in New York meeting Ruby Warrington, ex-Features Ed at The ST Style, lifestyle writer and founder of high-vibe guide The Numinous. Being introduced to The Numinous and hearing Ruby’s story was really enlightening; I’d say it was the point I started realising what it was all about, how I was supposed to live an authentic life with thoughts of the Universe at the centre. Which might sound pretty out-there given my life history but I genuinely believe my efforts to work on my health (juicing, paleo), my efforts with mindfulness and meditation, pursuit of happiness and love of yoga have been leading me here.

But I haven’t had a total transformation and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve loved working with The Numinous. It’s a website that celebrates both our mystical and material sides and I think that’s so important. You can be invested in spirituality and your mental wellbeing but that doesn’t mean you don’t also want to invest in a gorgeous pair of shoes now, does it?! I’d even venture to say that my material and new-found spiritual sides totally compliment each other and in fact journeyed around Selfridges to the Astrolounge via the Louboutin room and Corner Champagne bar.

the numinous x selfridges astrolounge

Which is why I think The Numinous’s collaboration with iconic London department store Selfridges this Christmas season is perfect. I took one for the team and went to the launch event early this week to report back on the magic I would find.

Ruby has curated the most beautiful collection of items and experiences, finding the perfect balance between mystical and material. Situated on the Lower Ground floor, in the Astrolounge you’ll find perfumes tailored to your star sign, the most beautiful crystals, gorgeous jewellery and tarot readings by The Psychic Sisters (mine was SPOT ON). There’s also a cleverly designed programme of events ranging from Yogic beauty secrets to a flower crown workshop with one of my favourites, Louise Androlia.

In addition, The Numinous have also teamed up with YRSTORE to create custom birth chart Ts and Sweatshirts. Illustrated by the brilliant Erin Petson these items are made via a cool touch-screen unit in the Astrolounge and created for you there and then.

The numinous x selfridges astrolounge The numinous x selfridges astrolounge

I typed in my birthdate and saw my info all come to life – my astro glyphe, colour, planet and birth stone (leo, orange, the sun, ruby), the Chinese animal I was born under (Cow) and my life path number in Numerology, which goes on the back (1).  This was then printed on a sweatshirt and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.

the numinous x selfridges astrolounge

The Astrolounge is running on the LG floor at Selfridges from now until December 24th and I’d really recommend you go and have a look, I’ll definitely be back for Christmas present buying. Keep an eye on The Numinous’s Twitter and Instagram for when the custom items will be available to buy online.


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  1. Alison, Not Another Mummy Blog wrote:

    Ooooh that sweatshirt! Ruby’s done such fantastic things with The Numinous and this looks like a fab idea. It still tickles me that you have met someone I used to work with!

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  2. Fritha wrote:

    I’ve seen you change as a person over the past few years (well seen you do it over the internet, I know we’ve actually only met like twice!). I think it’s amazing that you’ve had such a spiritual journey. With my upbringing and the area I live in I am surrounded by people who have passionate views on spirituality and although I don’t always subscribe completely I love lots of the ideas of Buddhism and generally just trying to a good person. I think you can take bits and leave bits and I think it’s always good to invest in your mental well-being. I’ve been doing a lot of affirmations lately about birth and they make me so relaxed, I wonder why I don’t do more things like that in my everyday. x

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  3. Polly wrote:

    This sounds like an amazing idea – off to find out more x

    Posted 11.1.15 Reply
  4. Kathryn wrote:

    I’m really tempted by this. I’m not religious but feel very strongly about the universe too – it fascinates me! Thanks for the heads up xx

    Posted 11.1.15 Reply
  5. Keri-Anne wrote:

    Those birth chart tshirts look amazing!!! x

    Posted 11.1.15 Reply
  6. Lori wrote:

    This looks like an amazing event and also what a cool concept! I’d love to hear more about how you found the transformaton of being authentic and whether it was just the travel/meeting people or whether you participated in any meditations, reading essays etc. Really feeling like I’m at this point at the moment. Also really love the sweatshirt. x

    Posted 11.1.15 Reply
  7. Laura wrote:

    This collaboration sounds amazing and I love the concept plus those tees and sweatshirts are awesome. Would love to visit Thailand as I have a real interest in Buddhism – happy to hear you are finding what is meaningful to you :)

    Laura x

    Posted 11.1.15 Reply
  8. Lia wrote:

    I neeeeeeed one of those T-shirts. What a really cool idea too to have perfumes tailored to your star sign!

    Posted 11.3.15 Reply