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So you’re a new mum who needs to start bringing in a bit of income, and you’d like to do it from home with zero outlay. Where on earth do you begin? You might wonder.

I have just the man for you!

Jon runs a number of websites to earn from home including The Money Shed, all designed to help you earn the absolute most you can from home! Which I was really interested in doing, having only been aware of multiplestreams.org previously.

And having spoken to him at length on this topic I can can confirm he is a veritable expert in the art of making money online. I wanted to get the low-down on how you could make a fairly easy income online, and this is what he had to say:

Jon – Founder of The Money Shed

Hi Jon! Thanks for speaking to me. First of all, can you explain to us where the idea for your website, The Money Shed, came from?

About 5 years ago having been involved in the ‘work from home’ scene for a great number of years I became frustrated with the ‘cloak and dagger’ mentality that came for a lot of people when it came to sharing information openly about finding opportunities that let you earn a decent amount of money from home. By that I mean not opportunities that are just surveys or click sites but things that could easily net you a few hundred each month without as much effort.

One day I decided to change all that and created a platform which I wanted to have a 100% different culture than other ‘money saving’ sites out there which would nurture people and help them achieve whatever their financial goal is each month. I created a set of rules which were a bit more relaxed and allowed people to share information more freely and 5 years later with over 140,000 posts and thousands of users it’s worked wonders as each and every month we help people get out of financial difficulty or earn enough money from home to keep them afloat.

Originally I went after the ‘Stay at home Mum’ demographic quite hard but now we have people from all backgrounds and in all stages of their life! We are now the UKs largest community website dedicated to earning money from home and have helped so many people improve their lives in ways they didn’t think would be imaginable. Just to help make the point here are a couple of quotes:

When my husband got ill I had to step up and find higher paying work, and thanks to opportunities and support found on TMS I am now able to be the main bread-winner, working 100% from home. It has given me the luxury of working from home, and means my husband can now work part time and look after his health better. It really has changed my life!

I have had an amazing 3 months since joining The Money Shed. What started as a desire to find working from home opportunities has far exceeded my expectations. I have earned over £3000 in this period alone. 90% of the leads have been through the site. I have been pointed to the most up-to-date money making Apps and where the jobs will be. I’m only using a few of the recommended ways of making money and have started to branch out to other ways and the earnings continue to hike. I can safely say I can now pay for a holiday to see my family overseas at the end of this year from the extra I have earned because of TMS. TMS has been the best thing to happen to me this year.

Making money online from home is a super-hot topic right now. How realistic is it for a normal mum, like me, to be able to do it? And how much do you think one can expect to make? It almost sounds too good to be true!

OK so I suppose that is the ‘magic question’. How much can I make?

Let me start with my example. I work full time (37 hours a week) and on top of that I do the same earning online opportunities that anyone could do. So for me that’s risk-free Matched Betting and a handful of Mystery Shops and Blogging. From that I earn around £2500 a month without any trouble and I only spend say an hour or two a night doing all that. If you are a Mum and you have the daytime to do some online earning you could easily do that same. It’s all about earning the most you can in the short time you have. If you want to earn a decent amount you need to stop looking at surveys and the like and instead look at companies like WhatUsersDo which will pay you £8-£15 for a 10 minute website review.

In regards to it being too good to be true – it’s not. 

Head on over to our site and check out one of the Monthly Challenge threads where you will see the members of our  forum setting their targets at the beginning of the month and then updating them throughout sharing how they are earning the money at every step of the way.

The money shed

Is the time spent working from home consummate with the money earned, i.e. am I going to spend 15 hours on my computer filling in online surveys only to make £1.50?

If you want ‘working from home’ to replicate ‘being in the office’ in terms of earnings then you need to be looking at higher paying work. For example I used to work for a company called Leapforce as a web search evaluator. I did it online in the evenings for an hour or two and it paid a fair bit above the UK minimum wage. At the end of the month it was a very easy way to earn £500-£700 and sometimes more. I always say to people ‘the money if there if you want to earn it’ and it’s always true.

What might someone’s homeworking portfolio look like?

Mixed, very very Mixed. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Do a bit of Risk Free Matched Betting, a bit of Audit Work, a bit of Mystery Shopping and maybe some content writing. People ALWAYS come to The Money Shed with ‘I just do surveys’ and within a few months end up doing all sorts of things to earn money that they hadn’t even thought of! Our slogan is ‘ Earn Money | Save Money | Share Ideas’ and it’s that last one that always help people find new ways to earn money from home!

You’ve built up a brilliant loyal community on The Money Shed – it’s great to see such an enthusiastic message board. Do you have many members raking it in?

Yeah, loads. Many bring in over £1000 from home each month while others are just getting started and are only bringing in a few hundred. As I’ve mentioned before one of the best ways our members push themselves to earn more and more each month is by taking part in the monthly challenge thread which really helps motivate people. 

What about matched betting? I’ve heard loads about this being a way to make money recently, isn’t it a bit dodgy?

It’s called risk-free matched betting for a reason: it is betting in name only. Do a few Google searches and you will see it’s even been covered by The Guardian as a way to make money!

It’s 100% legal and it’s 100% risk-free! Thousands of people do it each month and each earn a great deal of money from it and best of all for us self employed folk it is 100% TAX FREE so all money you make from it is yours to keep.

In a nutshell Matched Betting is simply taking advantage of the endless amount of offers that you see Bookies advertise (Bet £10 get £20 free bet etc.) We use those free bets to make guaranteed money each time.

The reality is that Matched Betting is just maths. You even have to use a special calculator when you do it. You just follow a very simple set of instructions for each offer and use the calculator and the maths will bring in you a profit each time.

I’ve been doing it for the last 4+ years and I’ve had 3 trips to Florida, a new car and a conservatory to name a few things I’ve made with my earnings from Matched Betting alone – over £40,000 in total (stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved in matched betting!).

If someone reading this was keen to get cracking making money from home, where would you suggest they start?

Good question, people typically want to be earn money as fast as they can so I always point them towards our ‘Beginners Guide to earning Online Toolkit’ which shows people how to EASILY make £700-£1000+ each month from home without any trouble.

After you’ve read that come over to our main site and come and join in on our forum. Going it alone when it comes to earning online just makes things harder. Being part of a huge community of like minded people who all want people to earn as much as they can and really celebrate each others success is quite a positive thing to be a part of if you want to earn money from home!

Thanks, Jon! You can visit him at The Money ShedTotally Blogging and CompareTheMatchedBetting  

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