The Model Family


A couple of weeks ago my sister-in-law, who works for one of BT’s creative agencies, was looking for a family with young children who had BT products in their homes to take part in a photo shoot. We got roped in as we are both a family with such products and if anyone says the words ‘photo shoot’ to me I start practicing my smize and Oscar acceptance speech. Will agreed to it begrudgingly because he is a wonderful husband who loves me very much.

The whole experience reminded me how tedious and loooong these things can be (the briefs the cameraman had to work with were crazily precise) but Elfie was an absolute gem throughout and we now have some lovely photos of the three of us. I was more than a bit embarrassed at the dustbunnies that were revealed with all the furniture moving though.


And hey, if you’re lucky enough to receive a copy of BT’s annual report you may just see the Harolds on the cover. Smizing away.



  1. I wish you were my mum and Will was my Dad and Elfie my sister. Such an amazingly good looking family xxx

  2. Brilliant! Such a lovely, happy, warm looking family :)

    More pictures of the three of you in the future, please!

    1. Thanks Beth, it made me realise how difficult it is to get photos of the three of us (as one of us is usually taking the photos!)

    1. Apparently BT said they couldn’t use the photo where Will has his laptop on his lap (as that’s linked to low sperm count or something??!) and my sister in law had to point out to them that I am pregnant… nobody noticed :(

        1. Thanks Katie! I love the cheese factor.

          Will has spent his LIFE with his laptop on his lap and a mobile phone in his pocket, yet he only needs to sneeze on me for me to become pregnant.

  3. How lovely you all look! We hardly have any photos of the three of us, it’s funny how few and far between the opportunities are. Shame BT had to be involved but at least you got some lovely snaps to treasure out of it :) x

  4. Beautiful photographs and a gorgeous family, my brother in law works for BT so will be asking for a copy of the annual report, he will be delighted with my interest! Xx

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