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The Lighter Side of Parenting: Encouraging Positive Humour

As the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine! It can go a long way to help happiness and health, both physical and mental. And when you’re a parent, it can be one of the things that helps to get you through! Cracking funny jokes and being able to make people laugh, even if it is just yourself, is something that can make a real difference. As such, it can be something that is important to teach our children the importance of humour, but doing so in the right way.

Making mean jokes and harsh sarcasm can leave a bit of a bitter taste, which can be damaging to the person making the joke, as well as the people who are the butt of the joke. Therefore, it really is necessary for us as parents to help to teach our children the difference between saying funny things and being light-hearted, compared to being harsh and nasty. Through some positive parenting, we as parents can help to teach our children all about healthy humour.

  • Humour isn’t really humour if it hurts others. It is something that should be enjoyed, and not aimed specifically at someone, with the intent on hurting them.
  • Life can be hard, and as a result, some people will be more sensitive about the negative things or miserable things in their life. So as a result, joking about someone’s misery isn’t cool. Jokes about someone’s disability, for example, may make some people laugh right there and then. But that will then give the person making the joke a label as being insensitive, and that kind of thing can last for a long time. 
  • We are all different, and children, God love them, are often open and honest about these things. But it doesn’t need to be a joke. For example, belittling someone is not a good way to be funny. If someone is open about making fun of their own short height, for example, then it could be something to joke about. But if they aren’t OK with it, then it can be something to avoid.
  • A secure person will not try to shy away from making some jokes or remarks about the mistakes that they have made themselves in the past. This is something that we should teach our children. It also helps to show that our children shouldn’t take some of life’s tough circumstances as deeply.
  • If you are known for watching TV and making comments on people’s appearances, for example, then it will be something that children will copy or think is OK to say. As parents, our children watch our every move, so you do need to watch what you say around them and what you show them is funny.
  • As any comedian will tell you, timing is everything. If you want a joke to land well, then it has to be done in the right way and at the right time. Making a joke about someone after they’ve had a relative pass way, for example, is something to miss.


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