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The Hotel Bathroom Is The Best Place In The World
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There are many amazing things about going to stay in hotels: the big beds, the fluffy robes, the club sandwiches on demand, the guilt-free snoozing as you postpone your late check-out.

But my favourite always has to be the bathroom. Ahhhh the bathroom. The expanse of white marble that you get only in the most luxurious of hotels, brushing my teeth at a double sink that has more than enough for the spread of my products, washing under a rain shower head the size of my dinner plates. And bathing in a bath that’s even too big to stretch out in.

I love it – and whenever I stay in such a glorious place I always spend as much time in said bathroom as possible. Why wouldn’t you, eh?!

My hotel pamper sessions always go a little like this: I begin by checking-in to my room (obviously, they get slightly narked if you miss this step out), then I make sure the air conditioning is to my liking (a balmy 19 degrees does it). I then proceed to whack on the fluffy robe – god! I love a fluffy robe – before snuggling down in the thousand thread count sheets with the remote control to the television that has more channels than mine ever will.

white city house hotel

I order a club sandwich off room service, with fries, as I believe you can ALWAYS tell the quality of a hotel by how good their fries are, and proceed to eat the whole plate in bed.

I don’t even worry about crumbs. Not my bed – not my problem!!

Because I’m in a hotel and therefore have no children with me, I follow my sandwich-and-crumb session with a nice long nap. This is MY pamper session, after all.

I then get on to the real relaxation section. I whack on the bath (hansgrohe is the absolute best brand for hotel bathrooms, I find) and treat my hair to a lovely conditioning masque before luxuriating until the water gets cold – or I get wrinkly, whichever comes first!!

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I then climb back out of the gorgeous bath again into the snuggly robe before giving my nails a bit of attention, perhaps a bit of fake tan and a properly good blow dry. It’s heaven, and when the whole process is complete I’m sure I look a good ten years younger than when I arrived at the hotel.

But that’s not all! I may have spent hours and hours in a relaxing bath, but the next morning it’s time for the shower. I love nothing more than a shower that’s so powerful it makes you feel like you’re drowning, and for that to be done the best you need a grohe shower. Might I recommend lathering yourself with the most luxurious shower gel you can find and – though I know we washed our hair last night – giving yourself another good shampoo. Shower caps¬†really aren’t chic, you see!

So these are my pamper plans each and every time I stay in a hotel. I’d love to know what yours are.


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