The Evolution Of A Living Space

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One thing I’ve noticed in my rather limited experience of visiting men’s houses, is that they take an overall much more minimal approach to decorating than women do (or at least my friends and I!). Looking around now my home is stuffed full of interiors ‘stuff’: magazines, flowers, lamps, cushions, pictures…. some bloke’s houses look barely moved in to.

Some – not all, however. I’ve been in the house of one man that rivalled my own for how clean, tidy and shiny it was. There literally aren’t many things that impress me in life more than a man with a well-decorated, tidy and thoroughly DIY-ed home.

Simple things.

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Alvine Ruta rug – £150, IKEA

For me my house is an evolving beast. It changes with the seasons, according on my mood and current lifestyle. I’ve been working a lot lately so the focus has been on low-maintenance; stripping out as much of the clutter as possible and having somewhere cosy and clean to come home to at the end of the day. When the kids were younger I preferred brighter colours and more playful patterns. I love it – I could potter around tweaking my house for days.

What am I saying? I DO potter around tweaking my house for days.

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I’ve recently been going at the living room. My house has an L-shaped downstairs and just before I moved in the wall between the kitchen and dining space was knocked through to create an open-plan space. You walk into my hallway then into the lounge, which leads to the dining area and the kitchen, where my workspace is. Open plan-induced noise aside this works really well for us; I like being able to keep an eye on the kiddos while I’m cooking dinner or cleaning up and even though the space isn’t huge we don’t need a palace right now. All those toilets to clean… no thank-you.

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Stockholm cushion – £12 IKEA. Ludde sheepskin -£30 IKEA. Tray and side table… guess where? IKEA. 

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Because of this set-up I like to define the different areas; I have a rug for the lounge area, one for the dining spot and another that leads into the kitchen. I feel like this helps differentiate the different purposes these spaces give.

Recently I’ve had a bit of an overhaul of my accessories in the living space and kitchen (you can see how it looked previously here, and when we first moved in here). This might not SOUND like much (er, if you’re a bloke maybe) but I’m telling you, the difference is huge. Even fellow accessories lover Bryony noticed it when she came over last week.

IMG_4029 copy

Blanket, IKEA. DIY’d eBay table. 

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Cecily floor lamp, £90 c/o BHS. 

Looking around there’s still loads more I want to do. I want to work out how to create a larger work space somewhere in the house (but would rather not have this in my bedroom) as it currently doubles as my booze storage area/countertop next to the fridge. The big iMac really only gets used for recipe research and music listening so maybe this even needs to go? (shock horror – not my old baby!)

IMG_4039 copy IMG_4041 copy

Fruit bowl, £15 Ben de Lisi at Debenhams

I also want to pare down my belongings a bit. Even looking at these pictures it’s quite surprising how ‘busy’ the room looks with my bits and pieces – do I need the random pictures I bought on eBay? Should I be keeping my teapot and butter dish in the cupboard? Is there really such a thing as too many cushions? How do I stop my house being over-run by toys?

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For me, a home is more than just a few rooms stuck together by cement; it’s a living, breathing and evolving environment. Can you feel yours changing as you do?

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  1. I think constantly changing your house around is one of the really fun things about having your own space! We’ve only been in ours for about a year and a half and there’s already things I’d change about rooms we’ve recently ‘done’. Really like that rug, I’ve been after one for our dining / playroom / middle room, and I was going to get a play mat but think something more grown up would be better. Off to IKEA… x

    Posted 7.8.15 Reply
  2. Bryony wrote:

    You know I love your house! It’s one of my favourites :) Still hugely jealous of your rug and I love the new floor lamp addition x

    Posted 7.8.15 Reply
  3. what a lovely space! i think i could quite happily live there. don’t worry, i won’t be moving in :P

    Posted 7.8.15 Reply
  4. Lovely home! I’d love to make ours open plan. I think realistically, we’ll be looking at moving at some stage and we’ll hopefully be downsizing! Like you said, more space is more to clean. I love your colourful throw. It looks hand made.

    Posted 7.8.15 Reply
  5. Ammy Belle wrote:

    Hey – just wondering: What is the make/model of the laundry machine below the counter? It is the answer to my small-space prayers! :D Thanks!

    Posted 7.8.15 Reply
  6. Love your house, it’s so interesting to take a peek inside people’s homes! I change the things I like quite a lot too, I’m in a bright colour phase at the moment and am also totally obsessed with crochet, I currently have bunting hanging up and have blankets and curtains in the pipeline. Luckily Matt quite likes it otherwise he would have run away screaming by now! xx

    Posted 7.9.15 Reply
  7. Polly wrote:

    love your space… I’ve always loved changing my space around ever since I wa s kid and rearranging my bedroom all the time drove my mum nuts ha! I’ve been doing some serious decluttering as I’ve unpacked our new house – although it’s a bigger space {3 toilets to clean argh!} I don’t want it filled with ‘stuff’ so have been ruthless

    Posted 7.9.15 Reply
  8. Kathryn wrote:

    What a lovely, light interesting home – I love the way you’ve accessorised it and it’s a lot like the style we have in our home. I could move in tomorrow! ;) xx

    Posted 7.9.15 Reply
  9. Richmond Mummy wrote:

    Looks gorgeous – a stylish but cosy home, I love the way you’ve decorated and how you keep it evolving xx

    Posted 7.11.15 Reply
  10. Carolin wrote:

    I love your home. It’s the perfect combination of homely and stylish. I definitely think that your living space changes with you. I’ve changed a lot over the last year and so has my home, not only because I moved but also from how my home looks. Before it was dark furniture a mulberry coloured wall and super cluttered and now it’s more clean with white furniture and light grey walls. I like it so much better – both my home and my life :D

    Posted 7.11.15 Reply
  11. Lori wrote:

    I love having a nosey round people homes and your’s is lovely! I love the colour of the rug and how it lifts the room and it’s insired me to declutter. x

    Posted 7.12.15 Reply
  12. Jo (oliveandiris) wrote:

    I’m so nosy, I love having a peak in other people’s homes. I think that’s why I love IG so much.
    I love your home, it’s stylish but actually looks like a family live in it rather than a show home.
    I used to change my room round all the time when I lived at home, my husband thinks I’m insane when I try to move things about here. Hopefully we’ll be moving soon … & oh the possibilities (& also only 1 toilet to clean – yay!) xx

    Posted 7.13.15 Reply
  13. Laura wrote:

    Really cosy looking house, and so “light” and airy too! Please please could you tell me what is the name of that wall paint, looks like a perfect blue-grey! Awesome colour!

    Posted 7.14.15 Reply
  14. Sara wrote:

    Oh, I love posts like this, and I love your space! I think men buy fewer ‘pretty things’, but hoard just as much sentimental clutter in my experience.
    I’ve been working the last year or two to be more ‘minimal’ ( there are some tips on my blog if you’re looking for somewhere to start but this isn’t a I’m-just-commenting-so-you’ll-visit-me-comment, so I won’t link!). It’s amazing how much more time and headspace I have now there’s less to pick up and sort! x

    Posted 7.17.15 Reply