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The Dreaded Acne? Here’s How to Treat It
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Acne is not the occasional spot or pimple. Instead, it is a medical condition that can wreak havoc with your skin. Many people assume that men get acne the most, however one study has suggested that women are more likely to suffer from the condition than men with fifty-four percent reporting issues like this with their skin.

Similarly, though we often associate the condition with puberty, it is possible to suffer from the condition well into your later life. Adult acne is common and due to the fact it’s not expected, this can be irritating and depressing.

Acne can certainly hit your self-esteem hard. It can make you feel uncomfortable about going out in public because these blemishes can be incredibly noticeable, and the condition can be quite severe. It can cause your entire face to look red and also spread to other areas of your body including your back, neck, and chest.

So, how can you deal with this issue and regain your self-confidence? Well, there are a few possibilities to consider.

Keep Your Skin Clean

If you have acne, you should make sure that you are cleaning your skin twice a day. This will help diminish the extra oil as well as the dead skin cells that can both lead to issues.

You don’t want to wash your skin more than this as that can do more harm. You also need to make sure that you are using a gentle, preferably organic soap. This can help ensure that you are not irritating your skin.

If normal conventional cleaning isn’t doing the trick, many now look towards specialised acne creams and lotions. Medical advances in acne treatments have been made in leaps and bounds over the past few years and buying acne treatments are now available through many online pharmacies.

If you are using medical treatments, be aware that most are going to dry out your skin. That’s why a moisturiser will also be recommended. You should even think about the type of pillow that you sleep on. Many experts suggest that a pillow made of silk or similar material help as it is less rough than typical materials on your skin.


One of the reasons why acne is common throughout puberty is that hormones go crazy during this stage of development. As such, getting your acne under control can involve making sure that you understand whether you are dealing with a hormonal imbalance. Symptoms of this can include blackheads, papules, and whiteheads.

Testosterone is one of the main hormones that impacts acne and it can cause problems for women as well as for men, particularly through puberty. It can have a similar impact during the menopause years when estrogen levels start to drop.

If you do think that it is a hormonal issue then you may want to consult with a reputable online pharmacy, many now have doctors which can be consulted from the comfort of your home. Medication can be highly effective in getting acne under control and can either be purchased as a cream or in pill form. You might want to speak to your doctor about this or a dermatologist for recommendations on the best options currently available on a prescription and non-prescription basis.

A Healthy Lifestyle

One option to get your acne under control is to change your lifestyle. You can do this by making significant changes to your diet and your exercise routine as well as your mental health.

Diet is particularly important for acne as numerous substances seem to cause acne to get worse. This includes sugary sweets, foods high in fat and in some cases dairy. It’s even possible that an underlying allergic reaction is impacting your skin.

Nutritionists recommend that if you are dealing with acne a good diet can be a great starting point. Water is also a big benefit. Drinking water provides your body with a natural detox and clears out some of the oil and grease that could be clogging up your pores.

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Careful with Your Hair

Finally, do make sure that you are taking note of what you put in your hair. Gels and oils can block the pores in your skin leading to irritation and the build-up of oils. That’s why it’s common to develop acne and spots around the hairline.

Instead, you should make sure that you are using a shampoo or conditioner that offers a gentle clean and wash your hair often. If you have long hair keep this in a ponytail the majority of the time or off your face with a hairband.

We hope this helps you deal with the acne that could be impacting your self-confidence. Many people will use makeup like a concealer to hide acne. While this can prove to be effective, it may lead to acne growing worse because once again, you will block your pores.

By Tim Costello

Tim Costello is a marketing and content strategist. Tim has spent many years in I.T with a heavy technical background but now spends time in a more creative space with digital marketing, writing high-quality articles on topics that are attributed to his life experiences. With the aim to fix the internet one page at a time, with better quality content. Read more about Tim Costello and his endeavours.


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