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The Cute Casual Look

The Cute Casual Look

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Whether you are going on holiday, or you need a little shake-up of your style, dressing too smart, especially with the abundance of LBDs out there, means that you can go over the top. 

In real life it’s best to make a good impression, but without dressing so demurely. Cute casual is that balance between the two. But hitting the right notes with cute casual is not about dressing in your slacks and heading out the front door. You need to communicate that idea of minimal effort, but still have that sense of fun. What are the best ways to do this?

Dress Around The Jeans

Jeans go with everything, but if you really want to make a good impression, the jeans provide the anchor in which everything else hangs upon. Cute and casual means that, in essence, the items of thrown together. If you’re looking for a hint of sophistication, a jeans and t-shirt look goes perfectly with a blazer and a colourful pair of sneakers. Have a look at the Adidas 4D brand- colourful, quirky, and fun all at the same time! Having jeans as your anchor, you can start to tie everything together to make a uniformed look.

Cosy Yet Couture

The humble hoodie is one of fashions great unsung heroes. They are warm, comfortable, and, when done right, very stylish. It’s a perfect way to lounge on the couch, but also, you can elevate a hoodie to grind levels by pairing it with silky trousers and a couple of heels. Hoodies look pretty relaxed, but if you want to go with the smart side casual, make sure there’s no logos and the like across the hoodie. If it seems like there are still a few things missing, go for simple accessories, such as a belt or a designer bag.

Tighten Your Slacks

If you’ve got a few pieces of loungewear, you can dress them up with a classic button-down shirt. But you can very easily turn something used for lounging around into something a little bit edgier. And, let’s not forget the fact that they are so comfortable! But don’t try it with heels. It’s got to be a pair of trainers, or Ugg boots. Add a little bit more style with a choker necklace, and you’ve got a simple look that appears relaxed, and still gives a unique quality to your getup.

Should You Wear The Same Colour From Top To Toe?

Monochrome is a controversial choice, but if you’re going for that cute and casual look, the same colour is a perfect way to get rid of the stress of pairing colours together. All you need is two pieces, and, when looking for a natural approach to monochrome, black is always best. If you want to give it a twist, camel or navy are just as stylish. All you need is a pair of silk trousers and a soft sweater, but if you really want to add a little bit of colour, go for the footwear, some nice hot pinks and a little bit of brightness. Monochrome is arguably the quickest way to get that cute casual look with minimal effort.


Arguably, denim the most important piece of keeping it casual (but be sure not to go for double denim)! If you have a denim jacket, it’s such a valuable piece that it’s got to take centre place in your casual wardrobe. It’s so versatile that it works with dresses, chunky sweaters, t-shirts, and when you pair it up with a pair of boots, you’ve got that almost country chic going on!

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T-shirt Dresses

If you really want to go casual yet cute, a T-shirt dress is a minimal get up, which shows off your edginess, but also, sexiness. Extra points if you can get a 70s rock band t-shirts that double up as a dress, and if you want to balance out this t-shirt, get yourself a jacket to wrap around your waist. Pair with some doc marten boots, and you are ready for the casual event that awaits you! This is the ideal father for music festivals. Whether you are slamming it in tents, or glamping it up, t-shirt dresses provide that all the essential balance between casual, cute, and practical.


The cute casual look comprises of so many different approaches that you won’t go far wrong. Give these six approaches a try and see how it benefits you. The cute casual look is a perfect way to get out of the house without feeling all dressed up. Smart is all well and good, but sometimes we have to show off our true selves!


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