The Cavendish, London Review


Even though I no longer live in London I would definitely say it is my spiritual home. Something about the place is so energising: the atmosphere, the culture, the food, the tourists, the traffic. I love it all and every time I make the thirty minute train journey into the city I feel excited at the prospect of spending a few hours in my favourite place.

But a few hours never seems to be enough; luckily I have a good few friends who let me crash in their beds when I’m in town on a girl’s night, and you can always get a good value hotel room via Hotel Tonight (I love The Threadneedles) or at The Hoxton. And a couple of weeks ago I added a new hotel to my list of favourite places in London to lay my head: The Cavendish London.

London Skyline

The Cavendish London is a 4 star boutique hotel in on of the most gorgeous areas of London, St James, just off Piccadilly. I visited on one of the first super sunny days of the year and it was just glorious; the sun was bouncing off the stone buildings, the sky was blue and though it was still pretty chilly there were bare arms and smiley faces every way you turned. I’d just indulged in one of my favourite activities, a hair cut with the ever-amazing Sam at Ena Salon (he knows how to make you feel spoiled, ladies), and strolling through such a beautiful London meant I was walking on air by the time I got to my hotel. You’ll find it easily as I did tucked in on a little side street just behind Fortnum’s: such a fantastic spot for anyone wanting to explore the finer parts of London.

I checked in and made my way up to my room. Just check out the view I was greeted with! I don’t mean the view of myself in the mirror, I’m talking that breathtaking London vista up there. Totally stunning.


I never know what to do when I find myself in a hotel room. A place where you are ALONE, with a TV, a huge bed for SLEEP, magazines that you can READ. The potential for alone-time fun is incredible. So I did what I always seem to do which is order a Caesar salad and bowl of chips on room service, don my bathrobe and eat my lunch snuggled into the big fluffy hotel pillows. Blissful.

Caesar salad and chips is always my go-to room service choice and this one was top-notch. The chicken was perfectly chargrilled and though I don’t normally go for chunky chips these ones were wonderful. And anchovies, mmm, anchovies.

Bed at The Cavendish London

Desk at The Cavendish, London

Room Service at The Cavendish, LondonNot wanting to be totally lazy and explore the local area (and OK, cos I’d left my contact lens solution at home), I took a wander up Piccadilly to Piccadilly Circus. Up here you’ll find some shops and a LOT of tourists (and also a huge store dedicated to Nespresso? Who knew). I picked up a little bottle of wine from Whole Foods (fave supermarket in the whole world, sorry Waitrose) with plans to enjoy it in the bath later and just took an hour to walk aimlessly. This part of London is so different to what I’m used to, it’s a feast for the senses with its bright lights, smells wafting over from Chinatown and busy streets. It was fun but I was happy to retreat to the sanctuary of my room at The Cavendish London.

Sunrise from The Cavendish, London

There are rarely many things I find more satisfying than a nap in a hotel bed, so nap I did followed by a happy half hour gazing out of my window at the view with my Whole Foods glass of wine in hand. Soul food, that was. Then it was time for dinner after a long soak in a bath. This day… it just gets better and better, right?


I’d invited my gorgeous friend Caoimhe to dine with me and was so excited to catch up with her. We began our evening with cocktails in the bar and gossip about boys before moving on to the restaurant. IMG_1342The food was one of the things I was most looking forward to at The Cavendish; their in-house restaurant Petrichor has 2 AA rosettes and after checking out their menu online I was really excited to dine there. It’s one floor up in the hotel so you get a really unique birds-eye view of the streets below which I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s a quiet, luxurious restaurant that would be suited to a romantic date or anniversary dinner. Or a catch up with one of your favourite Irish babes :)


I plumped for the Scottish Scallop started which came with breaded frogs legs and was every bit as delicious as it looked. The scallops were cooked to perfection and though I’ve only had frogs legs once before these really hit the spot. Delicious.

Caoimhe went for the Trio of Quail: breast, egg and confit leg croquette. Just YUM. 



Next up were the mains and though I chose well with  my Suffolk Chicken Roulade (the pan-fried lettuce was to die for and I loved the earthy taste of the king oyster mushroom and truffle hollandaise) I have to admit, I had total food envy. Caoimhe’s plate was a work of art; her beef fillet came with smoked potato puree, ox cheek croquette, duck liver pate and a potato ring. WOW.

IMG_1351 IMG_1349Puddings were up next and again these were big old plates of loveliness. My star anise creme brulee was a lovely end to a beautiful meal and Caoimhe’s Chocolate brownie could have been eaten three times over.


With stuffed bellies we headed off round the corner to Quaglino’s for a little sip of Prosecco and an old-fashioned flirt with some bartenders. We must have done something right because they kept appearing at our table with shots of delicious alcohol: this one below was rhubarb pavlova and coming with a teeny tiny meringue it literally tasted like pudding in a glass. We were impressed. And slightly drunk. See: LEGS. My mother will be horrified.


When we ran out of gossip I wobbled back round the corner to my bed at The Cavendish, excited about the TEN HOURS sleep I was about to have. There’s always time for a mirror selfie in a lift full of reflections, though…

IMG_5675The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed and energised hungover and starving. Luckily on my return to the hotel I’d had the wherewithal to crazily scribble a room service breakfast order and leave it on my door for morning. So I had a slug of water, took a picture of the London sunrise and waited for my feast to arrive at 8.30.


Yep, apparently when I’m a bit tiddly I want ALL THE BACON. The breakfast was divine and tasted just as good as it looked, especially when enjoyed in bed with a massive cup of tea and Sunday morning breakfast TV. If you decide to brave leaving your room for breakfast though it’s worth noting you can until 12pm: it winds me up no end when you wake up at 10.15am on a Sunday morning in a hotel and realise you’ve missed breakfast and I wish more hotels were flexible with their times like this.



A little post-breakkie snooze and I was ready to start the day. I had to be back home for the kids fairly early so after I checked out of my St James’s bolthole I took a little browse through Fortnum and Mason and hopped on the tube home.

All in all, a thoroughly wonderful way to spend 24 hours in the capital. I may not have gone sightseeing, taken in any museums or visited any great monuments… but I returned home feeling like I’d spent a whole day pampering and pleasing no-one but myself and that was worth its weight in gold. The memories of that wonderful alone time will last and last :)

The Cavendish London: I’ll be back!

I was a guest of The Cavendish London – thank you so much for having me! 





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  1. Brilliant review, Alice and I love your photos. I feel like I was there with you (didn’t you spot me under the bed….?*)

    Seriously though, as a hotel and travel obsessed person, I enjoyed reading this immensely.

    *sorry, that’s creepy

    Posted 4.4.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Shhh Alison… if they find out you were there they’ll all want to come ;)

      Thank you so much for your lovely words! x

      Posted 4.6.14 Reply
  2. Oh my goodness! I did not realise how tiny you are!!!
    The food looks AMAZING!! Including the breakfast!
    I have only heard good things about The Cavendish … I think I need to add it to my “go-to” list.

    Posted 4.4.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      The food was just AMAZING!

      Posted 4.8.14 Reply
  3. I took Kitty to The Cavendish for a ‘girls night away’ and we both LOVED it to bits. The food is proper lush isn’t it? x

    Posted 4.4.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      I read your review again just before I left to get all excited about my stay :)

      Posted 4.8.14 Reply
  4. We love the Cavendish. The food is gorgeous and the restaurant staff were just wonderful with the kids. And isn’t that view incredible?!
    Great mirror shot missus

    Posted 4.4.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      the view… the view! loved it.

      Posted 4.8.14 Reply
  5. Jane wrote:

    Looks fab, and your photos really tell the story x

    Posted 4.4.14 Reply
  6. I would give my right arm, or at least toe, for a night away eating and doing sod all. Looks divine :)

    Posted 4.4.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      this is why I am armless and toeless ;)

      Posted 4.8.14 Reply
  7. Karen wrote:

    LOVED this post. So happy and full of fun. Cavendish looks amazing. Made me v excited for my own trip away soon :) xxx

    Posted 4.5.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Ooh where are you off to? Hope you have a fab time as well! x

      Posted 4.8.14 Reply
  8. Wow! It looks amazing! I could really, REALLY do with a night away just for having a night away rather than because I’m working and this looks perfect! I love that sunrise pic btw, gorgeous :-)

    Posted 4.5.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Do it! I came back feeling like I’d been away for weeks!

      Posted 4.10.14 Reply
  9. OOh I love the look of this hotel- gorgeous! Sounds like the perfect night out in London- also love your photos beautiful lady!
    Katie x

    Posted 4.5.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Thank you Katie :) x

      Posted 4.10.14 Reply
  10. becky wrote:

    Oh we have stayed here is a family it really is a lovely hotel

    Posted 4.6.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      I”d love to go back with the kiddos :)

      Posted 4.10.14 Reply
  11. Sophie wrote:

    Sometimes I wish I didn’t live here, so I could stay in beautiful places like this!!

    Sophie x

    Posted 4.7.14 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Ahh everyone needs a staycation ;) x

      Posted 4.10.14 Reply
  12. Melissa wrote:

    I found you via the Britmums travel round up – as a fellow ‘Looking After Number One’ candidate. Your stay sounds a lot more glamorous than my lone travel experience. But I am now very tempted to do what you did. Hello Canvendish hotel – I’d like to come stay too please :-)

    Posted 6.2.14 Reply
  13. Wow, hotel perfect, food scrummy – what more could you wish for?

    Posted 6.2.14 Reply