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The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl

Elfie’s Birthday party fell on a beautiful day. We decided to keep it family only so there was only 20 of us (!!!). We drank Mango Bellinis, ate slow-roasted pork baps with apple sauce and my magnificent cupcakes and enjoyed all the beautiful presents Elfie received. The Birthday Girl herself was feeling slightly under the weather as she’s been recovering from a cold but she held it together after a bit of a nap.

I spent a fortune on Party Pieces… it’s a shame we had no actual kids at the party. I think the grown-ups appreciated the hard work though.

We all loved the bubbles and Auntie Josie was an excellent bubble blower.

Grannie Snip bought a ride-on wooden trike from Hamley’s that she’s not quite a fan of yet – we’ll get there. It kind of reminds me of the toys in Santa Claus.



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  • It looks wonderful! I love doing my kids parties. (I’ve only just found your blog again since you moved it. I’m obviously a bit slow…)

    • hello again!

      I’m so looking forward to going more OTT for parties in the future when Elfie’s a bit older (I really wanted to hire a bouncy castle this year but my husband put his foot down!)

  • hi there, thank you so much for sharing with us on facebook – pleased you all had a lovely day!

  • What a lovely party you all had. Elfie liked the bubbles didn’t she? There is plenty of time for hiring a bouncy castle, preferably when she is old enough to appreciate it. You looked good too, I like your nail varnish; it’s been years since I last wore it – perhaps I should start again?

    • Thank you! I only wear nail varnish because it’s so hardy and I replace it once every week and a half – I use Orly or OPI brands and they are fantastic.

  • She is so, so, so beautiful… I can’t believe she’s one already! What a wonderful party, and great photos– thank you for sharing, Alice. I love your little family. :-)

  • The photos of Elfie enjoying the bubbles are so so cute! they look like they could feature in a magazine, they’re adorable. I think one of those on a personalised shopper bag is a must! xx

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