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The Best of 2017

The Best of 2017

The best of 2017

Well, 2017 eh?

I know nobody for whom this year wasn’t a bit of a challenge, myself included. Over the last 365 days I’ve been through some of the highest highs punctuated with the lowest lows: personally and professionally, globally (Hi, Trump!) and in my own little house there was rarely a day that didn’t leave me scratching my head.

In many ways the year has flown. It started with our ski trip to The Alps which kept our family festive feeling going way into January, and then sped towards Spring and into Summer. The trips and adventures we’ve been on this year as a trio have been one of the most wonderful things – the children are growing up into such incredible human beings and I feel so lucky to be their mother – and as ever we’ve emerged from the year a very happy and close-knit if slightly unconventional family unit.

The best of 2017I guess the biggest thing of all to happen to me this year has been falling in love. After almost five years alone it’s been a real learning curve to submit so much of myself to another person, though I’ve loved (almost) every minute of it and grown exponentially because of it. It’s been a revelation in the absolute best way.

I faced my first onslaught of blog-negativity in 2017 (it only took 8 years!) which, when coinciding with my career slightly changing direction, was pretty difficult to handle. As I like to live life doing what I hope will be the best by everyone I most definitely take criticism too personally and very much to heart, and the feeling of not hitting the mark with some really stifled me creatively for the latter end of the year, leaving me feeling for a while that I no longer had the freedom to truly be myself.

The Christmas break has been really good for me to get some space and sift through these thoughts and feelings, and I’m returning to the blog with an invigorated sense of the message I want to put out into the world and the changes I can facilitate by proudly being myself.

The old adage “you can’t please all of the people all of the time” has never been truer. And that’s that.

The best of 2017Speaking of which, giving up corporate life has been harder than I thought! I miss so much more of it than expected, including that lifeline of seeing actual people on a daily basis. It’s meant a bit of a re-think about how I run my working day, which doesn’t include hours at my laptop in yoga pants with no intention to go to yoga (this does not apply on sick days or January the 2nd, obviously) but does mean I frequent my local coffee shop and enjoy their speedy wifi on the regular.  Hoorah for human contact!

2017 really has been the year of friendship for me. I’ve never been one to have a huge group of close friends, but this year I’ve needed my female girl gang more than ever. It’s been both humbling and empowering to see just how far female friendship can carry me and I so treasure those women who’ve loved, advised and cared for me this year, and I’ve really enjoyed doing the same in return. Long may it continue.

So, 2018, what will you bring us?

I’m hoping we’ll see a lot more love, a lot more friendship, a lot more happiness. Less global unrest and local injustice. As much giving back as I can manage. A lot of hard work and achievement. An infinite amount of cuddles.

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I’m giving up on giving up bread – life’s too short – and as always have resolved to live more minimally (clutter can do one this year), more healthily and with reading books high on my priorities list. I’m going to worry less about what other people think of me and stay true to what I know is the right thing, continue to try and be an understanding and careful listener and friend, and as ever, embrace the awkward family photo.

The best of 2017

I’m also going to try and care less about the clothes I wear, but hey, I’m no miracle worker.

Happy New Year to us all!


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