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Do you remember when I told you about SMA® Nutrition’s Baby Advice By You campaign? SMA Nutrition were searching far and wide to find the best advice for mums by those who know the best – other mums. The campaign went up and down the country to find the best nuggets of information to be judged by Jenni Falconer and top mummy bloggers and made into films. All the winning pieces of advice can be viewed on SMA Nutrition’s YouTube Channel.


Which would be your most important piece of advice for new mothers? Here are some of my favourites:

“Babies are funnier than you ever imagined. When I had my daughter I never realised how hilarious she was going to be. Babies can give you lots of expressions even though they can’t talk yet. They’ll give you a quizzical look, or they might even fart in a shop when it’s completely silent. So even though they are a lot of hard work and it can get a bit stressful, I would say they completely redeem themselves with the funny looks. Make sure you take lots of videos and lots of photos so that if times are hard, you can just have a look back and remember actually how good times are together.”

“Try to remember everything will be fine. In the early tiring days as a new parent it’s easy to get confused by all the information coming to you from books, health visitors, friends and family and everywhere else. My friend told me to relax and enjoy it and I wished I’d listened and hadn’t worried so much as in the end everything was absolutely fine.”

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“Trust yourself; it takes time to turn into a wonderful mum it doesn’t happen overnight. Thank people for their advice – they give it to you because they care not to cause you any distress. Decide which bits are going to work for your family. You’re already doing an amazing job; don’t let anyone tell you any different.”

I worked in collaboration with SMA Nutrition and their B.A.B.Y. campaign. 



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  • Mine would be to trust your own insticts. If you feel something is or isn’t right, go with it. When my youngest was a year old, she would wake screaming every night. She would be shaking and really upset and wouldn’t ever sleep through the night. I was getting around 3 hours sleep a night and started to get really bad sleep deprivation. I was told by a health professional, family and even friends to let her cry it out and leave her as she would soon fall asleep from wearing herself out. I knew in my heart it was more than her playing up and being naughty. It went on for a year before we finally were told that she had a condition called Reynauds where she cannot regulate her body temperature. This meant that in the night as it got cold, she would be in a lot of pain in her feet and hands because she was cold but couldn’t tell us. I am SO glad i didn’t ever let her cry it out and that i bought her in with me and comforted her and cuddled her which, i didn’t know at the time, helped her warm up and calm down.

    • Oh gosh that breaks my heart to hear that you went through this – I had a similar experience when Elfie was diagnosed with her condition. I have os much to say for mother’s instincts! x

  • Good advice…I’m constantly on the look out for advice from friends, family and trusted sources (rather than dodgy forums!) I can’t quite believe how worried I am all the time already so it’s good to hear from others that how important it is to relax and enjoy every stage xx

  • Mine is to remember that even the hardest phases are over before you know it even if it feels like it will be like it forever. In fact I said that very thing to my friend yesterday who is suffering with sleep deprivation! x

  • Lovely to hear such positive messages about new motherhood. I’m all for talking about parenting with warts and all but it’s important to remember that there are good bits too, which usually outweigh the challenges.

  • It’s great to hear mums being able to give new mums advice and support. Mine would be: don’t be afraid to talk about it. If your struggling bit all your mummy friends seem to be breezing through then just be honest and don’t compare. It was only when I spoke out about how hard breast feeding was for us that I discovered how many of my friends we’re struggling. If you are honest then there’s a lot more support . X

  • firstly..that photo of Hux just made me laugh, what a cutie! I totally agree with the take more videos thing, although I have hundreds of pics I only have about 3 small vids and I so wish I’d taken more! x

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