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The Best Goat Curries From Around The Web

The Best Goat Curries From Around The Web

Goat curry

It might surprise you to know that one of the best things I’ve ever eaten was a dish based on goat.

I can still remember it now: in a restaurant on the Kingsland road, famed for being the Vietnamese epicentre of London it was a beautiful curry featuring meat that had been delicately flavoured with lemongrass and garlic before being slow-roasted to perfection and served with fluffy rice.

My mouth is watering even typing this out – it was gorgeous. An absolute feast for the senses.

Ever since I tasted that dish, back in c.2007, I’ve been chasing the tasty goat high again. And, because it’s me, I decided the only way to enjoy it again would be to re-create the dish in my own kitchen at home. So I got researching goat curries!

There are a few things to remember when cooking goat. It’s a fairly tough meat so cooking it low and slow is best, and it’s not mega-flavourful like beef so it can take strong flavours, like the aforementioned lemongrass. Quality is, as ever when it comes to the meat you’re eating, of the utmost importance, so I recommend shopping for your goat meat somewhere like Graig Farm, where you can guarantee the provenance and freshness. It’s also a fairly gamey taste so keep that in mind when you’re flavouring it, and use as much herbs and spices as you feel you need.

And as for the recipes to use? I’ve trawled round the internet and found my favourites, not just from Vietnam but from other corners of the globe, too. Give these a try: it’s a little different to your usual chicken curry but I promise once you try goat you’ll never go back.

Vietnamese Goat Curry (Ca Ri De)
This recipe from 2 Hungry Tummies is similar to that dish I first had on the Kingsland road. Fresh and light with lemongrass, coriander, coconut and garlic, you marinade the meat first to bring out maximum flavours. 2 Hungry Tummies recommend you serve this in the traditional way with freshly baked baguette, reflecting France’s culinary influences on Vietnam. Yummy!

Vietnamese Goat Curry (Ca Ri Ga)
A slightly easier take on the classic goat curry, this recipe from Minh Chiem Recipes uses the addition of eggplants and potatoes to create a slightly more substantial meal. Still with the classic coconut milk, curry powder and lemongrass, the recipe calls for the extra step of grilling the meat before you cook it with the other ingredients. It’s a dish that’ll be ready in no time and will be absolutely bursting with flavours!

Westernised Goat Curry
A slightly more anglacised version of the Goat Curry, this simple recipe from BBC Good Food reinforces the slow cooking of the meat to ensure maximum tendernes and a great flavour. The ingredients in this recipe err further towards the Jamaican, with pinto beans, warmed roti and scotch bonnet chillis. It’ll be hot and spicy, that’s for sure, but absolutely delicious! This is such a great alternative to the Vietnamese version.


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