The Back-Up Plan Podcast: Episode Three, Cat Sims

Cat Sims, AKA Not So Smug Now, Is an honest-talking breath of Instagram fresh air whom I’ve admired online for a good long while. Writing about family life with two daughters and a musician husband, Jimmy, since 2014, Cat’s online presence has become a place of support and solidarity for her close-knit community of mothers.

Cat juggles her work as a writer and influencer with Hustle and Fox, the creative agency she co-founded, and recently established the #giftmatch initiative: a campaign geared towards brands and influencers working together to donate much-needed family items to those most desperate for them.

I was absolutely delighted to speak to Cat for my podcast, The Back-Up Plan: we usually set the world to rights over a glass of wine, so to get her wisdom and slightly sweary thoughtfulness (the best kind!) on tape was a real honour. We chatted everything – from marriage to Instagram to mental health.

You can listen to this episode of the podcast, as well as all the others, via iTunes or Spotify. And please do give us a rating and a ‘love’ to help others discover Cat’s brilliance, too!


(And yes, as soon as we’d finished recording we headed to a wine bar to set the world to rights. We couldn’t not!)

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