The Back-Up Plan Podcast: Episode 1, Stephanie Yeboah

Stephanie Yeboah glows. Like, from the inside out she glows. Which is something I always think is the sign of a really lovely person: one who is totally down with double cleansing.

Stephanie is one of those people I’ve followed online for years, under the guise of Nerd About Town. A talented writer and advocate for fat acceptance and happiness, I was absolutely freaking delighted to speak to her for the occasion of the inaugural episode of my Etsy-sponsored podcast, named after my book, The Back-Up Plan (which is out in paperback today!).

Episode 1 - Stephanie Yeboah Visual

Finding your niche with Stephanie Yeboah

During our time together we spoke about how Stephanie’s unexpected career as an influencer – she went from law to PR and then to blogging – has resulted in freelance writing, content creation and her spearheading a positive movement that teaches us to love ourselves in a world that tells us not to.

Representing real life, Stephanie talks us through the real world effect of influencers, the confidence and societal pressures that impact women, the difference between body positivity and fat acceptance, and how her own ‘back-up plan’ has resulted in the plaudit of Blogosphere’s ‘Blogger of the Year‘ and an amazing e-book, Spunk.

She really is an incredible force and unashamed advocate for good, and the time I spent with Stephanie was an absolute pleasure.

The Back-Up Plan Podcast is up now on iTunes. Please listen, rate and subscribe (how professional!!).

Huge big thank-yous to Etsy for sponsoring my podcast. Without their belief in this idea and my own Back-Up Plan it would not have been possible!!

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  1. thanks for introducing this lovely lady! just followed her on twitter x

    Posted 6.27.19 Reply