TFI Friday

Whatever kind of mother you are – stay at home, work at home, work in an office – Friday is always SO welcome. For me it means adult conversation and 50% more grown-ups in the house, which in turn means I have 50% more time to do really important stuff like go to the rugby club and drink beer. Or watch Strictly Come Dancing.

In the old days child-free days of full-time work, 5pm on a Friday would mean pub time; these days I like to  get in the weekend mood by cranking up Spotify at tea time and having a mini dance party in the kitchen. Even more fun now Elfie’s stopped putting her hands over her ears when I sing (“Mummy STOP! Don’t LIKE IT”). For this reason I have compiled a specific Friday playlist, full of pop music from a while ago to present day.

So when it comes to that time of day pour yourself a glass of wine and stick this on. For that extra frisson of not knowing what’s coming next put the playlist on ‘random’ – we are living on the edge here.

Oh and the playlist is called ‘Mummy Needs Wine’, for obvious reasons. You are welcome.



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  1. In a country far far away a long long time ago………………
    I lived in Scotland for years (I’m Dutch) and used to work at IBM where there was a pub on site and oh my the stories I could tell you of Friday night shenanigans that went on there…..Now most Friday evenings are spent in tracky bottoms watching Project Runway and feeling glad when both kids are sound asleep ;)

    Also the Kooks! <3

      1. :)
        Trust me you NEVER want to move to Greenock. Ever.
        Did you ever see the movie sweet sixteen? It was filmed there and when I saw it all I thought was *it’s time to leave*.
        It’s a depressing town in an otherwise beautiful country.

  2. Unfortunately my hubby is working all weekend so that Friday feeling isn’t happening here :( happy Friday though! Love that photo of your lil man too!

  3. ooh great playlist! Totally agree, Fridays aren’t the same once you have kids! We introduced ‘Friday presents’ in our house as a well done for getting through another week! Because, well because we can! lol
    Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Thanks a lot. Mini disco is that I do every Friday with my daughter (8 years) in ou very very little village, we are only 45 people. Now we´ll dance your playlist at home and think in all of you. Ah! I love red wine.

  5. Can we have the ‘top 100 Friday Night Dance While you Cook – Glass of Wine Playlist’ I will get through it quicker than the books!

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