Taking Up A Refreshing Autumn Beauty Routine

Now that the autumn is fast on its way, it’s time to switch up your beauty routine a little! After all, you have to go heavy duty when the winter hits, but you also need to up the ante when the weather gets a little crazy in the next 3 months! Days can be hot and cold, wet and dry, and the air can get incredibly muggy round about this time, and your hair and skin can really suffer because of it. And because of that, here are some little tips for maintaining a beauty routine that really looks after you as the leaves turn brown and fall to the ground. 

Focus on Your Skin

Your skin is the barrier of your body, and it needs plenty of attention in the autumn. After all, you’re no longer needing to wear light makeup and/or concealers – you’re going to need something a bit heavy considering how dry your skin can get in the run up to winter. 

Most of all, you’re going to need to step up your routine. You’ll need a slightly harsher exfoliator, and you’ll definitely need a cleanser to rub in first thing in the morning. You’ll also need a moisturizer that works both day and night, to keep you feeling supple when the air is slowly drying you out, or even making your pores feel more clogged than ever! 

Take Care of Your Hair

Your hair can get pretty messy during the autumn months. After all, it’s windy and wet out there, and when it’s not, it’s sunny and muggy. And that means your hair is going to go through a lot over the next 3 short months – make sure you’re prepared for all the damage that could be done to it! 

Most of all, make sure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. You’ll need a moisturising leave-in set if you’ve got dry hair, a dry lather if you’re typically deal with greasy hair, and if you’ve got dyed roots, something like Joico shampoo would work best to keep them protected against the harsh elements that could bleach them out. 

3 autumn beauty products

Use the Right Beauty Products

Finally, as we mentioned above, your beauty products are going to need to rotate right now. If you’re someone who likes to wear makeup, something that’s heavy and/or more matte on your skin is going to work better than a light concealer and/or BB cream. Sure, you might hate having to put these products away, but that’s how the seasons work! 

So invest in a few seasonal items that can help you to look the way you’d really like; anything that feels a bit ‘airy’ on your skin is a good pick right now. And shoot for some autumnal colours, like reds and browns, to really seal the deal with eyeshadow and blushes. 

If you want to feel refreshed during the autumn, make sure you’ve got the beauty routine to match. 

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