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Freelancer’s Festive Fun

December 10, 2017
freelancer's festive fun

It can be a bit of a lonely life, the one of a Freelancer. I generally work from home and the odd member’s club or coffee shop, so many a time have I become so frustrated with my lack of human interaction that I’ve wandered into John Lewis or Costa to run a simple errand only to talk the hind leg off whichever poor person I find behind the till.…

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The Sony XPeria Z1: First Impressions

December 1, 2017
Sony XPeria Z1

Which phone do you favour? I’ve been an iPhone girl for the last seven years and before that my work-sanctioned phone was a Blackberry. I loved that black chunky thing with a rollerball that frustratingly always stuck under my thumb: in 2010 BBM seemed like the most technologically forward way to communicate and despite its terrible camera I was really sad to wave it goodbye in favour of an iPhone 4. But with the dawn of Instagram and my love of a…

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The Time I Lost My Child: A Watchu Review

August 9, 2017
watchu review

This year, on our holiday to Greece, I lost Elfie.  It's the first time this has ever happened. I'm one of those borderline helicopter parents: I hover over my kids, know where they are at every single moment. I always tell them I have eyes in the back of my head and it's kind of true, I have this innate and instinctive gift to automatically scan a room every three seconds to check their wellbeing and whereabouts.…

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The Amazon Fire Tablet: Our Favourite Entertainer and Babysitter

July 11, 2017
Amazon fire tablet

Coming home from our holiday, I thought a lot about how easy I find travelling with my kids now. Granted, it’s a little because they’re growing up and managing themselves more, but I still believe it’s largely because we’ve learned how to seamlessly travel together as a family. Looking back at the first holiday we took abroad together, I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have because I was just so worried about the logistics of holidaying…

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9 Things From My Childhood My Kids Will Never Experience

September 21, 2016
Just Seventeen

It must be fun for children these days, growing up in the exciting digital age. Taking my two to school this morning I looked at the bank of computers they have in their classroom and the iPads their teachers were working off; with memories of the blackboards and chalk dust at my old school I thought – yeah, you lot have it pretty good. But there was something I found so thrilling about growing up in a time where tech was on…

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Wiggly Worms and Bolognaise with the Morphy Richards Spiralizer

July 29, 2016
Morphy Richards Spiralizer Express

Is this a healthy dinner, mummy? Is a question Elfie asks me on a regular basis. I’m no health nut (OK, I am a bit) but I do like to make sure the family gets the required amount of fruit and veg daily, and this seems to have rubbed off on Elfie (not Hux, unfortunately) who seems to actively enjoy healthy choices over not-so-healthy choices. Parenting job done here, I think! This is all well and good, but unfortunately I’ve…

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