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24 Hours Of A Mum With A Bug

I’ve spent the last day and a half in bed with something gross: a mum with a bug. Every time I attempt to parent while trying to nurse some kind of horrifying bug I wistfully think back to the pre-children days of illness. Back then it was always a shitter – sometimes literally – to be ill, but it was also more of a treat, too.

Mum’s Got Flu

I used to do an excellent line in self-pity. After the ex and I split up I spent a long time feeling sorry for myself. I was well-used to the ugly cry when something didn’t go my way, the snotty…

Notes On A Sick Day

There is something about being ill that makes me terribly introspective. Maybe it’s something about feeling the absolute lowest of the low, so miserable and poorly that you can’t even watch box sets all day, to woeful to read a…