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fluffy american pancakes

Fluffy American Pancakes With Maple Bacon

These pancakes have become something of a tradition in our house, we eat them every other weekend and I just can’t. Get. Enough. The maple syrup creates a wonderful sweet/salt symphony when added to the bacon and the pancakes fluff up beautifully to compliment its crisp bite.

Thursday Yoga at Whole Foods

Come To Thursday Yoga at Whole Foods!

QUESTION: What are you doing on Thursday at 6.30pm? 

ANSWER: You’re doing Yoga with me, followed by a Breville BlendActive masterclass, at Whole Foods Kensington! 

A HelloFresh Family Box Review

A HelloFresh Family Box Review

A thorough review, with videos and photos, of our month-long experiment eating with the HelloFresh Family Box. I was surprised to find that it didn’t render mummy’s cooking skills totally useless, hooray!