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Habit Stacking: Making Time For Fitness

It’s often said that one of the most important parts of overcoming  obstacles in your life is addressing the issue. Once you speak it out loud – begin to confront it – then it shrinks in size and stops looming over you. Here’s how habit stacking can help you get a leg-up on issues.

Goal Setting To Own My Fears

If there’s one change I’ve noticed in myself over the last few years it’s that I’ve suddenly become a huge fan of self-improvement. I don’t know this is because of the single mum experience, the feminist experience or simply just…

Owning My Fears

As a top-notch worrier, the niggly things I waste time thinking about are many and varied. From being scared of flying (I’m a control freak so naturally assume I could probably pilot a plane better than, erm, a Pilot) to…