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Divorcing? It’ll All Be OK

Last week was my wedding anniversary. Had I stayed married the date would have marked nine years of marriage and almost fifteen years together. For someone who barely even feels seventeen on the inside, those numbers are scary. Last week…

Thoughts On Divorce: 4 Years On

When your one great aim in life is to have a happy family – a blissful marriage with two kids – it comes as a bit of a shocker when you get divorced. So when my ex husband and I decided to call time on our partnership, I didn’t know how we’d get over the experience of our uncoupling.

Would You Throw a Divorce Party?

By design, divorce is altogether a negative thing. When a couple comes together in marriage and then splits at a later date, it’s usually a painful and difficult process. Have experienced it first-hand I can say that reneging on promises that…