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lamb dhansak recipe

The Easiest (and Quickest!) Lamb Dhansak Recipe

This beautiful Lamb Dhansak recipe is such a dream to cook and will be done in only twenty minutes: the rice takes almost as long as the tender meat curry, despite using a fairly cheap shoulder cut.

easy pizza recipe

The Best (Easy) Pizza Recipe

Pizza: one of the greatest inventions of this world. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza? Don’t answer that, I’d want nothing to do with any deviant who doesn’t want to face-plant into a pile of dough-based cheese and tomato goodness at least four times a week.

In short, pizza = goooooood.

Prawn, Crab and Lemon Linguine

Prawn, Crab and Lemon Linguine

This dish has it all: it’s so quick and easy,  it’ll be served in a speedy 20 minutes, is packed with flavour and full of goodness thanks to the yummy low-fat seafood. Even my kids, the self-proclaimed fusspots of the family, tucked into it with abandon.

A HelloFresh Family Box Review

A HelloFresh Family Box Review

A thorough review, with videos and photos, of our month-long experiment eating with the HelloFresh Family Box. I was surprised to find that it didn’t render mummy’s cooking skills totally useless, hooray!

easy fish pie

Easy Fish Pie

Getting healthy, nourishing and tasty food into my children is literally one of my greatest…

Cheesy Toad in the Hole

Cheesy Toad In The Hole with Caramelised Onion Gravy

It’s a tricky one, a dish that may well have you pulling faces and asking me if I’ve gone mad (I haven’t! Not this time!!!). When raving about this cheesy toad in the hole to a couple of friends they’ve been skeptical, but let me tell you now, buddies: it really is up to the hype.