Swimwear 2018: From Naughty to Nice

It’s the rare grown woman who actually enjoys trying on swimsuits. And with winter coming on fast, many of us are happy not even to think about it. So it’s a mixed blessing if you’re among the chosen few who are booked for a holiday getaway in some lovely warm clime. Actually, even if all you’ll be doing during the cold months is your regular routine of laps at the gym, you should probably think about replacing that weary chlorine-faded suit you’ve been wearing. Happily, the new styles for the coming year are enough to make you want to push through the pain.

Swimwear evolves and changes like everything else in fashion, so when you’re searching around for something new, keep in mind the trends that rocked the runways at Miami Swim Week 2018. Whether you’re slender or deliciously curvy, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and your figure.

Sexy High-Cut One-Piece Suits

Not blessed with model-long legs? High cuts are the answer. Nothing stretches the length of your gams like a one-piece suit that reaches toward your hips and beyond. The look is flattering on just about everyone because the one-piece controls your curves and the high leg makes the suit hotter than hot.

Deep Cleavage

This is a trend that’s not going away. Last year’s suits plunged pretty low, but next year’s go even further. Some low-low cut suits make a concession to modesty with insets of mesh, which are a help for the well-endowed. If you’ve got ‘em, these suits will flaunt them, and if you don’t, they will definitely make the most of them.

String Bikinis

You’d better brush up on your knot-tying, because string bikinis are back — as if they ever really went away — with more strings than ever. If you’re feeling particularly daring or want to show off the results of all those squats you’ve been doing, you’ll find lots of thong styles, too.


Crop Tops

Of course you still love those triangle tops, but the newcomers for next year are high-neck tops and tops tied in front like your favorite crop top. It’s a fresh way to do a two-piece and it’s actually more comfortable to wear. No tugging or looking to check necessary! Pop on a skirt, sarong, or shorts, and this style is perfectly appropriate to wear off the beach, too.

Mismatched Tops and Bottoms

Have fun with bikini tops and bottoms that aren’t a match. You’ll want to keep the colors coordinated, but you can mix up the patterns at will. It’s especially easy to do with Jessica Simpson swimwear that you can purchase as separates. (Which is great if your top and bottom are different sizes.) Mismatching can be a bonus for your figure, too, to emphasize your best features and minimize the others. For example, if you’re slim-hipped, do a bold print bottom with a more muted pattern or a solid-color top. If you want to add some oomph to your bust, reverse the order.

Sports Chic

You don’t have to be a fashion dud just because you want to be comfortable and protected while you swim, surf, snorkel, paddle board or do other active sports in the water or on the sand. Sport technology has had its way with fashion and you’ll find a big variety of print and solid-color full-coverage long-sleeve tops paired with bikini bottoms and also in one-piece body suit styles. They do double-duty as rash guards and sun protection. And they look great even if all you’re doing is sipping a Pina Colada.

Details Galore

Swimsuits for 2018 abound with suspender straps, tassels, lattice strips on a suit’s sides, ribbons of fabric around the midriff… not all at once, naturally, but certainly at least one of these details per suit. They’re definitely in the naughty category, some more than others. It’s all up to you.

Cover-ups That Don’t Quite Cover Up

You know that baggy long T-shirt you’ve been pretending is a cute ‘n casual way to cover up when you’re heading over to the beach bar? Oh is it ever time to toss it. You and your swimsuits deserve more than a T-shirt anyway. Take a look at next season’s see-through pants and sarongs, dramatic collared capes, kimonos of whisper-thin floral chiffon, and toppers of openwork crochet and lace. Just make sure you’re wearing sunscreen and you can wrap yourself in these not-quite-covered-up cover ups.

Now get out there and shop!

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