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Space-saving hacks for living in a tiny home

Space-saving hacks for living in a tiny home

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Let’s face it, not all of us have the luxury of living in spacious houses. Whether it’s your first home, a flat in a big city or perhaps a house which is no longer big enough after a new arrival, space is a valuable commodity for many.

Unfortunately, the simplest solution to this problem, moving somewhere bigger, often comes at great expense, not to mention all that effort of packing up your belongings and shifting them to a new destination! Fortunately, there are ways in which a small home can be made to seem significantly bigger. Here are a few space-saving hacks which could make your life a little less cramped!

Rent some extra space

Often space problems stem from the sheer amount of stuff we have hanging around the house. The main offenders are hobby equipment such as musical instruments and gym equipment. These items need an excessive amount of space and can leave a room feeling busy and cluttered but are often held onto as they are an enjoyable past time.

Instead of selling these items, renting storage space from a local facility will enable you to hold onto them, ready for when you have a bit more space to play with. Storage providers often have a range of different rental space options available, check out this storage size guide to work out how much space is necessary for you to keep your belongings safe.

Invest in some clever storage solutions

The modern home is full of wasted storage opportunities. Here are a few clever ways to optimise the storage potential of your home.

  • Tired of only being able to cram small objects underneath your bed? Storage beds are designed to ensure that the space below the mattress is maximised.
  • The space above door frames is always empty. Install a small shelf above these and you’ll find out just how much wasted space this actually is!
  • If you live in a city centre, biking to work is a common commuting option. Unfortunately, without a garage, bikes can be an unwelcome item in the home. By Installing a wall-mounted rack, your bike can be stored out of the way in a really creative fashion!
  • There is only so much space on a kitchen counter. By installing some hooks and purchasing some hanging baskets you can create plenty of room by hanging cups and utensils on the wall.

Tidy up busy areas

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Often a room can have the appearance of clutter without necessarily having a large volume of items. By simply tidying away things such as letters, remotes and newspapers, a room can suddenly feel a lot less claustrophobic.

Furniture such as storage ottomans can help provide additional space, however, most of the time simply tidying items into existing draws or bookcases will be more than enough to clear the room of any unnecessary clutter.


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