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Avoid The Most Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes With This Simple Guide

Avoid The Most Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes With This Simple Guide

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So you have finally done it! You have set up your very own business, and you have some awesome products that you can’t wait to share with the world! All that’s left is for you to sit back and let the profits come rolling in, right? Well, not quite, because there is one final step to success that you must not miss. Of course, it’s effectively marketing your small business, a task that can be a little tricky. Unless you take a peek at the simple guide that will help you avoid the most common mistakes below, that is? 

Not playing to your demographic 

The brutal truth of the small business world is that not everyone wants to buy your product. Don’t panic though, as this doesn’t automatically mean your product is bad. Instead, it is vital to remember there is a specific group of people that your product to whom your product will be best suited. 

These people are what is known as your ‘demographic’ and the good news is you can make your marketing way more effective if you first define your demographic and then tailor your strategy to them. Something you can find out more about in the post below. 

Not trying new marketing methods 

The thing with marketing is that the way we reach our customers is always evolving and changing. What that means is by sticking to a single tried and trusted method, you could be losing out on some very valuable opportunities to reach potential customers. 

A clear example of this is when small businesses only use email marketing. Of course, it’s easy to see why they do it as it’s simple and fast to send one email to hundreds of potential customers. After all, small business owners tend to be over-worked as it is, without having to overall their marketing strategy every five minutes!

However, a common problem with email marketing is that these messages don’t ever get opened. Indeed, few people find it difficult to ignore an email that they don’t see as directly relevant to them. 

Of course, the same can’t be said of Text Marketing, and it is a much more direct and personal way of reaching out to potential customers. Most people are much more likely to open and read a text sent directly to their phone, and that means it can be a much more effective way of marketing your small business. Something you won’t want to miss because you are too busy or unwilling to try out marketing methods other than the ones you are already familiar with. 

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Not defining your USPs 

As well as defining your demographic, you must also think about your small business’ USPs. That is, the things that make your company unique and that will convince potential customers to buy from you rather than your competitors. 

Happily, many things can help your small business stand out from all the others. These may include the level of customer service you offer or providing free delivery and returns. Also, offering a customized service or product, or the fact that you prioritize specific values such as ethical production, or environmentally safe materials.

However, whatever your USPs are, make sure you promote them in your marketing. Then your customers have a clear reason to choose your business when it comes to making a purchase. 

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