Sleep Regression

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My gorgeous, lovely, slept-through-the-night-since-six-weeks baby girl has become a nightmare.

Last night she woke up at 3am for the day: in the last week we’ve had a couple of 5am-ers but that was the absolute worst. I’m guessing she’s sliding into the four month sleep regression stage?

I’ll put this into context: before this week Elfie was happy to go down for the night at around 7, feed at 11 and then sleep til 8. It was blissful! I have been launched back into the world of having a newborn, of not being able to go to do things before 2pm because I am way too exhausted and dreading going to bed at night because I’m scare of being woken up so soon after. On a positive note, this means I’ve almost finally finished the Twilight series as I’ve spent so much time in bed.

I took the monkey for a little walk to run errands followed by a swim this afternoon in the hopes it would tire her out for this evening (sidenote: seeing acquaintances at the gym when you have been awake since 3am and not wearing any make up is BAD).

She’s been down and quiet since 7.30pm, tonight I’m trying a new approach and will dream feed at midnight. Hopefully this will work.

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  1. Sorry intrusive question but are you still nursing? Think you are and 4 months is a big growth spurt so try and do less, nurse more, eat more, drink plenty and it will pass (trust me!). If you can have a babymoon and take to your bed armed with plenty of flapjacks and water and do lots of skin on skin and it’ll go sooner – even better if you can do it at the weekend and have your OH look after you

    Posted 11.18.10 Reply
    • Anonymous wrote:

      I’m not nursing her anymore, I got advised to stop by my doctors as they thought that might have been the cause of the weight issues :(

      Posted 11.19.10 Reply
  2. I had to go and check my blog but I have a post from almost a year ago that was very similar, Piran was the same age and we had sleep problems! All I can say is that we just had to ride it out, it took 2-3 weeks if my very vague memory serves me right. There were some interesting comments on the post though so you might like to have a look. Hope it gets better soon x

    Posted 11.18.10 Reply
    • Anonymous wrote:

      Thank you Kelly that really helps – it’s actually so nice to know that others either have gone or are going through it! Makes me feel less alone. x

      Posted 11.19.10 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    i am living the same! combined with trying to move into the cot … if you crack it let me know xxx
    and good luck
    at least i now know 4 month sleep regression is a thing

    Posted 11.19.10 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    ps. my blog has moved to and i’ve had a make over, follow me again ;-) xxx

    Posted 11.19.10 Reply