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Sibling Love. Almost.

Sibling Love. Almost.

If I said I wasn’t worried about how Elfie was going to react to the new baby in our lives, I would be lying. I was terrified. What if she hated him and plotted different ways to poke his eyes out and display them on sticks in our front garden? Because almost-2-year-olds are capable of that sort of evil, for definite.  I’m not sure how else you would explain her taking herself off to the naughty step earlier on this week after a particularly vitriolic tantrum.

So far we have been lucky; Elfie is transfixed by her new brother. She loves to kiss and cuddle him (sometimes with more force than is necessary but she’s learning to be gentler) and point out his nose, ears, head and (eek, don’t poke them!) eyes. Whenever she hears him crying she runs to him, pats him and says ‘there there’ and she likes to join in with winding him after a feed. I’m looking forward to her realising the difference between ‘winding’ and ‘slapping a bit too hard on the back’.

We are working hard on making sure she doesn’t feel excluded, which can be tough as a newborn requires so much attention. The fact that she is tantruming more suggests that she’s feeling a bit insecure about the changes that have gone on but already she’s seeming more relaxed. I’ve been trying to do more multi-tasking activities, like involving her with cooking or drawing at the kitchen table whilst I’m preparing lunch, or reading her a story whilst I’m feeding Hux. I don’t want to wish away these gorgeous newborn moments but I am looking forward to the time when he’s more robust and alert and will able to show Elfie how much fun siblings are.

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  • I think it’s easier to involve the older one in everything to do with the baby when the older one is a girl – what girl doesn’t like to ‘play’ with a giant baby ‘doll’? :)

  • You’re doing nothing to help rid me of this broodiness. Elfie is just too cute, what an amazing big sister xxx

    • If I told you that Hux wanted feeding FIVE TIMES last night between 12am and 6am would that help with the broodiness?! Xx

  • I still remember when my sister was born I wanted to play with her all the time. Being a big sister is the best. And I think Elfie is getting more and more adorable every time I come by here!

    • She is so very cute!! I can’t really remember much about my brothers early days (I was 1.5years old when he arrived) so hopefully she’ll be able to enjoy the time with him.

  • Stunning pictures capturing beautiful moments :) my daughter was 2 years and 2 weeks when my son was born and although there was some jealous moments, you could also tell the instant bond the two of them had. It’s totally amazing to watch there relationship grow and they are so protective of each other. Don’t get me wrong they are now 2.5yo and 4.5yo so there is plenty of sibling rivalry and fighting to the ‘death’ over a toy is a normal daily occurrence but they are blocked out by the other moments of sheer joy! A few such moments in just the last couple of days, these are my daughter’s words not mine – “good boy Harry!! I’m so proud of you for doing a wee on the potty!! ” gives him a big kiss and cuddle ” wow Harry look you’ve drawn a proper picture – good boy ” and my favourite today “come on cutie we need to drop me at school nursery” Isla then proceeds to say to me that’s a nice nickname for Harry isn’t it mummy. They certainly know how to melt your heart and it’s lovely to see in turn how protective he is of his big sister. Enjoy every moment, I know I found it hard to at this stage because it was a bigger shock than I expected going from one to two kids but it does get easier I promise :-)

    • Awwwww that is all so lovely!! I’m looking forward to these times a lot, when they can interact with dan other xxx

    • I am definitely looking forward to Hux being a bit more robust and I think the moments will get more and more precious as time goes on!xx

  • Ava is 8 months old now and sometimes I can’t imagine ever having another baby because I can’t understand how it would be possible to split my love when I just love her SO SO much….but then I think that most Mummy’s feel like that when the baby is still so young. Then I get broody and can’t wait for another one and to see how she interacts with a sibling. Posts like this make me want another one. My boyfriend is switching off the laptop……x

  • I cannot believe how much Huxley looks like his mummy!! such and adorable baby…and Elfie!!.. isnt she just the most prettiest little girl?!!


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