Our Shutterflies Photo Shoot

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I don’t like having my picture taken. I think this is part of the reason I’ve found online dating so hard: in most pictures I have of myself I’m gurning in a ‘you might take my photo but I don’t care’ way, or they’re shameless selfies taken in the mirror. And I don’t want anyone’s first impression of me to be a person who either gurns a lot or takes unlimited shameless selfies, no thanks.

shutterflies-066 shutterflies-042

So when Hayley of Shutterflies Photography contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in a photoshoot of me and the kids I was like ‘no thanks, I have enough pictures of me gurning’. But then I thought it over a bit more. I’ve always been the photographer of the house, there are shedloads of photographs of everybody with my kids but none of me with the little cherubs. It might be nice to have something to remember these tired years by?

shutterflies-005 shutterflies-008 shutterflies-054

So that is the story of how I found myself with the kids meeting Hayley at a local country park a couple of weeks ago, best gurn faces on. I was terrified, mostly because  of the camera, and because I was fully expecting each and every photograph of me to turn out like this:


But you know what? It was EASY. Hayley made it easy. She told us to just get on with what we’d be usually doing in the park (the kids were in their element) and just snapped away. She’d brought a picnic blanket for us to have a few more ‘posed’ shots on but apart from that it was just about the kids having fun and capturing them as naturally as possible.


shutterflies-013 shutterflies-037

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but I am over the moon with the shots Hayley got of us. She used two cameras – one film, one digital – and I love the different feelings these lend to the photos. Not only is there minimal gurning from me but there is something so magical about the way she captured Elfie and Hux. She has caught them exactly as they are in real life – their facial expressions, their mannerisms – my babies.

shutterflies-057 shutterflies-049 shutterflies-058 shutterflies-063

And me? Well, Hayley must have managed to work some sort of crazy magic because I actually like the way she captured me. I can only put this down to how relaxed and at ease she made us feel throughout the whole process, it was like spending a couple of hours at the park with a good friend rather than a photographer.

shutterflies-043 shutterflies-044 shutterflies-065

I’m absolutely delighted with the results – so much so that I’m going to make our Shutterflies shoot an annual occasion. How precious is it that we have such beautiful photographs of us all together? Very. I love them.

shutterflies-026 shutterflies-028 shutterflies-009 shutterflies-020Thank-you so much to Hayley for a lovely couple of hours at the park and these gorgeous photographs of us. If you’re looking for some lovely memories I’d definitely give Ms Shutterflies a call; Hayley lives in Bedfordshire but is available to shoot far and wide from newborns to children to families to nuptuals. Just look at this beautiful wedding she recently photographed in Hertfordshire (I may or may not have provisionally booked her for my hypothetical second wedding). You can also take a look at her gorgeous blog here, add her on Twitter, follow her Instagram or like her Facebook page.


  1. I love the photos! You all look gorgeous and so happy :) The black and white one of you all towards the end is a particular favourite – Ms shutterflies is certainly very talented x

  2. Wow stunning pics, super stunning baby’s :):) I’d really like to book a photo shoot but both me and my partner plus lil girly all very shy behind camera. Were’ll see…want to so much more after seeing these though. The black and white cuddling pic is amazing xxx

  3. These are gorgeous and you look beautiful. What special photos to have.
    I get nervous having my photos taken but I think I would feel so comfortable with Hayley as my photographer. In fact I’d probably just giggle my way through the photoshoot! x

  4. I’m feeling a tad tired and emotional today and these have just brought a tear to my eye. They are simply beautiful. Such a special keepsake for you and the children. Right, I want Hayley to do our pictures! X

  5. Love the one with your daughter’s arms around your neck. Kiddos are so adorable! And you look beautiful! (although I understand your fear of the camera).

  6. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and just want to say how talented you are! You are such a talented writer, absolutely hilarious and a wonderful Mum. These pictures are so beautiful and you look so content. It’s lovely how you can tell they are siblings! Gorgeous xxx

  7. Your photo shoot is beautiful and you’re right we should have our photo taken more often, I don’t like it because my hair is always up in a scrunchy and I’m never looking ‘my best’ whatever that is supposed to be! I must get in the camera more often and not just selfies.

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