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Friends are important. They’re people who are always there for us through thick or thin; people we can always rely on for a good time; people who will get us through any crisis. Friends mean the world to most us, but how often to we show it? Often, not enough. It’s time to change that; it’s time for us all to take showing our friends how much they mean to us seriously – here are a few good ways to do just that…

Tell them

It’s pretty obvious, but the best way to show your friends you care is to tell them often. Don’t just tell them you care about them, but give them a solid reason of why they mean so much to you, whether that be their inherent kindness, their ability to make an amazing cocktail or their tough-talking advice that helps you sort your own life out.

Listen to them

Friendships should be all about give and take. If you expect your friends to listen to your troubles, you should take the time to listen to theirs, and I mean really listen. Whether they’re ranting about work or crying their eyes out over a lost love, just sit, listen and give them as much love and good advice as you can because, really, that’s what friendship is all about.

Give them a thoughtful gift

Right now when we perhaps can’t see our friends as much as we would like, one thing we can do to show them how much we care and how we’re always thinking of them is to send them a thoughtful gift. From sending a vegan friendly wine to an animal-loving friend to gifting a Mubi subscription to a film-loving friend, sending a gift that’s totally tailored to them is an excellent way of showing you care, you listen and you love. 

Give compliments

Does her dress look great? Is he a whizz with the kids? Whatever your friends do well, when you notice it, tell them. Everyone lovers a compliment if it’s sincere and it’s a low-level but effective way of showing that you really do care.

Stay in contact

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One of the worst things you can do as a friend is to ignore communications from the people you care about. Yes, you may be really busy, but if you can’t spare a few minutes to answer a text or like the picture of their baby on Instagram then chances are you are neglecting your friends and taking them for advantage. You don’t need to be available 24/7, but don’t go radio silence on them – make an effort where it matters.

Celebrate their victories

True friends are as happy for their comrades when they achieve something significant as they would be if they had accomplished it themselves. So whether it’s passing their driving test, a job promotion or a brand new house, if your friends achieve something important, be right there to celebrate it with them.

Be a good friend and you’ll always have good friends!


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