Sexual Or Sensual: Why It Pays To Know The Difference

Dating can be thrilling and exciting at times, but it also cannot be denied that there could be a lot of tension and misunderstanding in the process. People use words of endearment and adjectives to describe what they see and feel—but sometimes, the words can be taken out of context.

When it comes to the two most commonly associated words, “sexual” and “sensual,” it pays to know the difference between the two. Some people interchange these terms and may cause confusion and misunderstanding. Hence, it is important to know the difference between the two. Below are several reasons you should know the difference between sexual and sensual.

To Be A More Informed Shopper

When you check online resources about sex & relationship guides, you’ll come across these two terms a lot. These sites offer helpful pieces of advice about love, dating, and relationships, including how to use sex toys, and choosing a lingerie collection.

Sex paraphernalia, like dildos or vibrators, are available online for sale and even in brick-and-mortar stores that sell sex-related items. When you read the listings, you’ll come across the terms “sexual” or “sensual” as well. Sellers usually interchange these words to catch the attention of buyers. 

The adjective “sexual” is often used to describe sex-related objects or items that help in sexual intercourse and foreplay. This term can appeal to shoppers who are looking for tools they can use alone or with their partner to provide sexual satisfaction. 

On the other hand, the word “sensual” is usually used in describing an attire or garment that looks “sexy” such as women’s underwear, lingerie set, stockings, or corset. This term is effective in promoting these products to prospective buyers who want to boost their confidence by wearing sexy lingerie and clothes.

To Understand These Terms In Dating 

As previously mentioned, the two terms are also used a lot among individuals who are dating or are looking for relationships. When you start checking for possible matches via a dating app, you’ll likely encounter messages containing the words,” sexual” and “sensual.”

Because people have different levels of knowledge and understanding, these words can mean the same or different things to a person who reads them. In dating, some people try to catch the attention of their matches by using either term, but it can be easily taken out of context. 

Knowing the differences of the term will help you say the right thing to a potential match. Of course, some individuals are not down for sex the minute you start dating or chatting. Hence, it’s best to not use “sexual” yet to avoid offending your prospective date.

To Have A Good Idea What Your Partner Means

It pays to know the difference between sexual and sensual to have an idea of what your partner means when he utters these terms. Sexual can be associated with “sex” or “increased libido.” On the other hand, sensual could mean “alluring” or “full of emotion.” Those are entirely different things. Being sensual can be achieved when a woman wears sexy lingerie or when a man wears musky perfume, for example. On the other hand, sexual implies being ready for bedroom action.

Young, sexy and beautiful girl in underwear posing in studio. Woman in erotic lingerie and black stockings.

To Help Detect And Avoid Harassment 

Sexual harassment is unfortunately still common in workplaces and public areas. When people hear the term sexual harassment, what comes to mind is that the suspect has touched the victim’s body provocatively without consent. But aside from that, sexual harassment can also include catcalling and inappropriate words. 

There are laws that protect people against all forms of harassment, including words that are seemingly sexually suggestive in nature. Sexual harassment is also prevalent online, and young people are more vulnerable to this.

Hence, parents should be keen on monitoring their children’s online activities and watch out for terms, like “sexual” or “sensual.” By doing so, they can prevent their minor children from being victims of pedophiles and scammers online. 


While many people tend to confuse and interchange the terms “sexual” and “sensual” in many situations, it’s still better to know what these words really mean and are associated with. While it is safe to use or interchange both when you’re only talking to a date or partner, using these terms can be offensive for someone who you are not too acquainted with. 

The terms can be taken out of context and may be deemed offensive or inappropriate by others. Using these terms with a partner is however safe, as long as you already understand each other’s style, preference, and love language.



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