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Selling? Here are some easy ways to add value to your home

Selling? Here are some easy ways to add value to your home

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Homeowners are forever trying to think of ways they can increase the value of their home. Even if you have bought new, you would like to see some growth, it’s how we all take more and more steps on the property ladder.

It’s no wonder it’s one of the top searched things on the web!

Have a look below at some of the simple ways you can increase the value of your home if you’re thinking of selling.

Take Care Of The Exterior

Often a forgotten or last-minute project the exterior of your home is the first thing that people see. This means that a potential buyer viewing your home is likely to judge on what they see outside before they even step foot inside. An untidy and unmaintained area outside means that even if you have an outstanding interior the value of your home could be lowered. Making a good first impression will give you the footings for good viewing when you’re selling. Some of the things to consider include: 

  • Declutter pathways and repair any damages.
  • Fix any fences and replace them if needed. 
  • Make sure both front and back gardens are clear of weeds. 
  • Replace your windows for double glazing such as Trade upvc.
  • Add a lick of paint to any treated areas. 
  • Repair and clean any driveways. 
  • Clean, paint or replace front and back doors. You should also make sure the handles and locks are working properly. 

Completing small tasks like this make a property move-in ready and appealing to buyers. It also instantly adds value to your home for little effort. 

Structural Repairs

One of the first things that a potential buyer will do is to arrange a survey where they thoroughly check the structure of the property to ensure it doesn’t need major work and can be insured. This means it’s wise to carry this out yourself in order to identify any problems and look to fixing them before any sale.  Structural problems can be detrimental to the value of a property, this includes your roof. Your roof also forms part of the image of your home so it’s important to make sure you repair any broke tiles and give it a clean once in a while. 

Think About Light

A dark property is always going to be less valuable than a light one even if it is slightly smaller this is why you see so many new builds with glass windows in the roof. Making your home lighter is a cheap and easy way to increase the value whilst making it appear bigger. Some things you could try include: 

  • Make sure your windows are clean on the inside and outside, if your property is on the market for a while it may be worth arranging a window cleaner to come round to complete the outsides of the windows. 
  • Install bright energy-efficient lighting. This can be a great help when you are selling your home in the winter months, try getting natural bulbs that give off a natural light effect. 
  • Think about having a skylight, or sliding patio doors installed to increase the illusion of space in your home. Definitely, a slightly more expensive option but the value it adds could outweigh the costs. 

Decorate And Paint

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When selling your home the small touches are what normally get left alone because you no longer feel like they are your problem to deal with, however, fixing the odd jobs and presenting your home as a finished product will increase the value. Completing small tasks such as fixing door handles and painting old walls can make a significant difference to the price you fetch for your home. Try to stick to neutral colours as adding too much personality can put buyers off. They like to be able to see a blank canvas. Every job you complete to give you house the sense it is complete is a job that they can’t add to their list and reduce the asking price. 

Carpets And Flooring 

If you can replace old, drab carpets then it is recommended however this can be an expensive thing to do so often the best alternative is to clean them to give them a new lease of life and keep the house smelling fresh. You can hire cleaning kits that will make it a simple and easy task of cleaning your flooring from top to bottom. If you have wooden floors in your home then you can give them life by sanding them down and adding a varnish finish, or just give them a wash before viewings. Any broken tiles should be replaced where possible. If a buyer thinks that the flooring is going to need to be replaced they will expect to see this reflected in the price of the property. 

Hopefully, these simple ways of increasing the value of your home before selling will help when you come to sell your home. Do you have any other tips for helping with this? Please share them in the comments section below. 


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