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Searching for a Job as a Mum: Is it Difficult?

A mother has eyes in the back of her head when it comes to looking after their little ones. However, these superhero abilities don’t work in all areas of our lives. In fact, they have to face the world of grown-ups on several occasions while their kids are still young, and one of them is landing a job.

Even if mom was on maternity leave, it is difficult for her to get back to the work routine, especially in the first couple of weeks when she doesn’t get to see her kids all the time. If you are a mom who works from home, you might find that problematic as well, since your superhero powers will have to be refocused to your job.

How to get the best of both worlds? Find a job that you will like so much it will fill you in with positive energy and give you more enthusiasm to raise your kids.

The Internet may help

Opportunity knocks at every mom’s door in the age of the Internet. All you have to do is know where to search. If you are looking for a remote job, the fact that these are rapidly increasing may put a smile on your face. Even if you don’t, you will not have trouble finding the job of your dreams in just a couple of clicks.

It’s true what they say – Google is your friend. However, we wouldn’t rely on Google as much, and we would consider it just the primary step towards reaching your goal, which is landing a job you always wanted.

Platforms for job searching

Google is definitely going to direct you to these platforms which use cutting-edge technology to connect the job seeker with the job that suits them the most. However, one issue might arise there – not all of the platforms are suitable for everyone. Some sites are plainly better than others and help users achieve their goals faster and with higher precision.

How to choose the best platform?

Just like every site on the Internet, the job-searching platforms are gradable by specific criteria. Comparison websites such as consist of professionals in several niches, one of them being job-searching. After a lot of research, they managed to hand pick the 5 best job board for you to use. In the end, it is up to you to choose one that you find the most useful.

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Searching for a career in the 21st century has never been easier. Even if your children want all the attention, you can still casually scroll & tap before bedtime and find a job that may bring out the best in you.

Therefore, make sure to prepare your resume, write a cover letter, and make a professional LinkedIn account before you embark on a journey to land the job of your dreams. Once you have it, everything should go as smooth as baby’s bottom and no obstacle will be big enough for you to overcome.


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