MTT: Perfect Scrambled Eggs

When Hux was first born I used to cook quite a lot. Now, before you give birth, one of the bits of advice you always read is to make sure you have loads of prepared food in your freezer, ready to turn into easy and delicious meals. I did some of that but also managed to whip up some masterpieces for dinner, so much so I’d get people asking me open-mouthed, “how do you DO it all?”.

I’d feel a bit smug, maybe shrug and say, “you know… You do what you can”, all the while thinking in my head how I was such a supermum. The making babies/cleaning the house/cooking dinner thing, woah what a doddle.

WRONG. The reason I could spend so much time in the kitchen was that Elfie would be out with her grannies and Hux would sleep all day. I basically had nothing better to do than cook or watch Jeremy Kyle, and most of the time food won.

Now Hux is growing up and demanding more of my time (he wants books, rattles waved at him, tummy time, park trips… typical demanding man) I’m finding I’m able to cook less and less. And so I turn to my blog’s namesake dish as we tend to eat a fair few meals, specifically lunch, atop a piece of toast.

One of our favourites (and simplest) of these is the classic scrambled egg on toast. I’ve honed this scrambled egg recipe through years adyears of practice and I’m not ashamed to say that recently I discovered I’d been making it wrong for about 18 years. I used to cook the egg in a microwave, oh the shame! It’s taken a lot of practice but I’ve found the key to scrambled egg success is a low heat, minimal added liquids and a lot of care and attention. It only takes a couple of minutes to cook but can be ruined in literally 10 seconds – you have to watch it like a hawk.


Perfect Scrambled Eggs
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 2 eggs (per adult, 1 egg per child)
  • Butter (half tbsp per egg. Naughty but delicious)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Tbsp milk or cream (optional)
  • Toast, to serve
  1. Crack eggs into a bowl or large mug and whisk well. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Melt butter over a low heat and add eggs.
  3. Stir every thirty seconds or so.
  4. When they are about thirty seconds away from being done - i.e. still quite wet - take off the heat and stir well. As soon as there is no liquid left in the pan tip them out, you don't want them to continue to cook.
  5. If you would like to have yours a bit wetter, add milk or cream as you remove them from the heat and stir well.
  6. Serve on toast!


  1. I LOVE scrambled eggs but mine never taste of anything and are always overcooked which is why I normally have poached eggs. Yummy but look a bit like testicles which I always find a bit disturbing.

  2. Yes! That is exactly how to do it. It drives me mad when people make scrambled eggs in the microwave. I’ve never ever cooked them in the microwave, but I’ve eaten microwaved eggs, and yuk! (and it always looks like MORE effort to me? standing and opening it now and then to stir it then put it back in and watch and wait.)

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