A Day In The Life of My Legs: Scholl Light Legs Tights

scholl lighter legs tights

I’m not one of those people who celebrates the arrival of Autumn. While others are banging on about trees changing colour, cashmere jumpers and pumpkin spice lattes (never had one and PROUD) I’m in the corner quietly fuming that I’ve had to pack away my favourite denim shorts in favour of jeans and Scholl Light Legs tights.

Because I like the sunshine. I like the way too hot car, the sticky days at work, the hot nights under the sheets. I like feeling the warm sun on my legs and face. I like having to stick to a strict regime of shaving and moisturising ad infinitum because I’m going to be wearing TSHIRTS and SHORTS and it’s going to be LOVELY!

Which is why when Autumn arrives I invariably go into a bit of a huff. These layers of wool, jersey and cashmere, however much I like to dress them up, they do not make me happy. Bring back bikinis and backless dresses!

scholl lighter legs tights

So when Scholl got in touch to tell me about their new Scholl Light Legs tights I was a little intrigued. Though boring and inconsequential they might seem, tights are my nemesis: they invariably cost loads, are wildly uncomfortable (it’s awesome having to subtly hoick them up in the most public of places), ladder immediately and go baggy in weird places. And as a dress fan they often end up forming the basis of my winter outfits. Grrr.

I wanted to see if they really could deliver on their promise to give me a pair of tights that didn’t annoy me and, even more importantly, were of benefit to me.

Scholl Light Leg tights

Scholl Light Leg tights are scientifically proven to reduce tiredness and heaviness in legs by boosting circulation. They use targeted pressure points from the ankle upwards to not only eliminate that heavy leg feeling but give a smooth and slender silhouette. Scholl asked me to wear the tights for a day to see how I got on…

I started my day as I always do: throwing a combination of Shreddies and Cornflakes around the kitchen while trying to chug a cup of tea, attempt to break the land speed record by whizzing in and out of the shower within 16 seconds and screeching a combination of “SHOES. SOCKS. BAGS. TEETH. HAIR” over and over again hoping that someone is listening (usually not).

scholl lighter legs tights

In the middle of the chaos I somehow managed to sling on my new pair of Scholl tights with my favourite denim dress and a jumper cos AUTUMN, and I have to say straight away they felt GOOD.

Now, if there’s one thing that makes me feel the aging process it’s my legs: I somehow have managed to sidestep any big facial wrinkles thus far with my strict skincare regime, but pregnancy and childbirth left its mark on my legs with the odd varicose vein. Thank goodness for summertime fake tan to hide ‘em, eh? I’ve also been flying a lot recently and I’ve really noticed how this affects my circulation; on my last overnight New York – London flight I arrived at Heathrow unable to slip my sandals back on because my feet had swollen so much. OLD LADY ALERT.

scholl lighter legs tights

Anyway, these tights were just as I like them. Tight, form-fitting, smooth and opaque. They sucked everything in the right places, were a definite 60 denier and came up to just below my belly button. The perfect height for tights, I reckon.

It was a busy day, starting with the school’s MacMillan coffee morning at 8.30am. It was only 13 degrees and we were eating our cake out in the playground, but I can happily report that the tights stood up to the challenge and kept my chilly pegs toasty. After lugging two backpacks, two book bags and two children hopped up on sugar into the school I was off in the car to a meeting with one of my favourite clients.

scholl lighter legs tights

I was in a big meeting for three hours, a time in which I’d usually find myself getting a bit wriggly and restless if I were in jeans or other constrictive trousers, or I’d be fiddling with the ankles of my tights if I was wearing Boot’s finest opaques (ah, that baggy ankle feeling). But here I was completely comfortable – my Scholl Light Legs tights stayed where they belonged.

scholl light legs tightsI headed home shortly after for more work: now, we all know the great pleasure of removing your bra as soon as you walk through your front door (I KNOW it’s not just me who finds bras in weird places because of this habit) and I usually do the same with my tights. But today I had a happy few hours working at the kitchen table with no need to peel off a constrictive and uncomfortable layer – I was very happy to spend the day lounging around in my new tights. Hooray for comfort!

scholl lighter legs tightsSo, in summary, as far as tights go I was entirely impressed with the Scholl Light Legs tights. Scholl promise they last for an impressive 100 washes, too, much better than the Primark versions that’ll fall apart as soon as they get a whiff of the washing machine.

They’re not the cheapest tights at around £14.99 a pair (currently £9.99 at Amazon), but in my opinion you can’t put a price on tights that you can wear without having to worry about baggy knees and ankles. You can pick them up in the tights aisle at pharmacies, and they won’t be leaving my legs this autumn/winter.

Thank-you Scholl for supporting MTT! 





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