A Speedy Review of the Samsung AddWash™ WW8500

One of my very favourite things about moving house, and there are few as moving house is literally the biggest pain in the arse, is how it makes you evaluate the way you live your life. I’ve known my impending move (FRIDAY, arrrghh!) has been coming for, ooh, forever (real time: nine months) and so I’ve spent a lot of that time considering my things – the items I keep around the home. I’ve been considering what we live with at the moment, what we want to live with in the future and what we really don’t want to live with.

It’s why I have carefully constructed Pinterest boards detailing every single room of my house, just the way I want it to look. It’s why I have a rolled-up rug in my hallway, where the delivery driver left it this morning. It’s why at this moment in time I have both a marble table and leather sofa at different stages in transit. It’s why I sent my beloved favourite sofa off in the back of my best friend’s car last week. It’s why for the last two months I’ve thrown out approximately three bin bags full of crap we don’t need cluttering up our house.

It’s time for change, people. CHANGE!

And how do we want to live? Minimally, I guess.

In my old age I’m learning to buy once and buy better, to keep fewer things around the place. I’m a lover of tchotchkes (best word in the dictionary FYI) – small items I’ve collected over the years – but boy, do they clutter up the place. These are on their way out, along with technology that no longer suits the way we live and furniture that I don’t find attractive any more.

What’s that famous quote? “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. You said it, William Morris.

Samsung AddWash™ WW8500

This is true of washing machines. Ah, the old washing machine conundrum. Just Me? Anyone? Anyone? Hello? Bueller?

When I moved to my current house over three years ago, I brought with me my old Beko washing machine. This was once a thing of pride and joy – my first large household purchase shortly after buying my first house nearly ten years ago – but it was very much on its last legs. I knew I needed a new one but faced with the flooded market of washing machines I just couldn’t decide which.

To be honest, they all had tons of bells and whistles but none that I was completely inspired by. And yes, I do believe it possible to be inspired by your household appliances, and if you’ve met my dishwasher I’m sure you’d agree ;)

Mumsnet recently dropped me an email to tell me all about the Samsung AddWash™ WW8500 Washing Machine and I was like, shut the front door. This sounds like it’ll solve ALL my laundry-related conundrums!

You see, not only does the WW8500 (snappy title ;) have the usual bells and whistles you find on high-end long-lasting washing machines, but it has one crucial feature that you won’t find anywhere else. Particularly handy for people like me who own smaller people with lots of fiddly bits of laundry, the AddWash™ feature of this machine means you can add laundry to your load after you’ve started the washing. I know, revolutionary, right?! Perfect for all those times (er, every time) you stick the washing on then potter around the house and discover abandoned socks or pants that have stealthily wormed their way out of your laundry pile. Look at this: magical.

Samsung AddWash™ WW8500

It also has a slew of other amazing features: it looks damn sleek for a start, has a gorgeous full-colour display screen, enough cycles to suit any situation (including the most delicate of delicates, gardening, bedding and heavy exercise). It also has wifi to allow you to control the machine remotely – I know, right?! – a bubble soak function, a huge 12kg drum, a v low noise level (essential if you work from home and don’t want to be disturbed when on conference calls) and Samsung’s incredible ecobubble technology. Plus, and this is one of my favourite functions, it has an actual light inside the drum. I tell you, I didn’t know how much I was missing a light inside my washing machine drum until I used this machine: it’s bloody revolutionary!

Samsung AddWash™ WW8500

I’ve been using this machine for just under a week now – it’s the first thing that’s been delivered to the new house! – and it’s a dream. A really lovely happy dream. Comparing it to my old washing machine would be like lining up a Ferrari next to a Fiat: it just can’t be done.

To see a little bit more about the machine check the video below: would these features work as well for you as they do for me?

I was picked by MNHQ to review this product/ service, which I received for free. This review is in my own words and reflects my true opinion.

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  1. Alison wrote:

    Hang on. WHAT? This sounds incredible. And SO HANDY. (Also: I’m betting William Morris didn’t have kids….)

    Posted 12.16.16 Reply
  2. Candy Pop wrote:

    Gosh, that’s an impressive machine! Good luck with the move, isn’t it great to let go of the clutter / crap! xx

    Posted 12.16.16 Reply
  3. Sounds like the Tom Hardy of washers. And who doesn’t love a 12kg drum when you’ve got kids?

    Posted 12.17.16 Reply
  4. Washing machine envy. I know, loser.
    Me not you

    Posted 12.24.16 Reply
  5. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    Posted 11.28.19 Reply
  6. Thanks a great review, thanks! Really enjoy all samsung products so far! So cools that is has a light function inside!

    Posted 7.29.22 Reply
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