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No, We Don’t Have Aircon Darling: Regulating The Temperature In Your Home
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My son asked me to put ‘the house’ air conditioning on last night.

I mean, I get it: it’s hot, a massive 24 degrees yesterday. But goodness knows what it is about the family my little one has spent 7 years in that makes him think we are fancy enough to have air conditioning in our home.

Er, no. But nice try, dude. Maybe one day when you’re, like, a world-famous footballer.

The thing is about us Brits is that our houses seem to be pretty ineffective when it comes to keeping ourselves either cold or warm: we’re either one extreme or the other. Which is annoying.

We have real seasons over here – at least, we do at strange times. I can’t be the only one who was still popping the heating on at June time, can I? I just kept getting so chilly! It just seems that we have the odd days of lovely sunshine and warmth, and the rare occasions of extreme snow and ice, but whatever we do we can’t seem to get our homes either warm enough or cold enough.


In my lifetime(ish) experience of living in weird British buildings – flats and houses – I’ve come up with a few solutions when it comes to either cooling or heating our home. Here’s how we do it in my family…

Create Vents All-Over
Vents are essential for us during all seasons, just not for cooling purposes but because we so enjoy the fresh air circulating through our home (and if you also live with a stinky-footed 7-year-old I’m sure you feel the same way). Sovereign Chemicals’ passyfier vents are a great way to help air circulate as well as get rid of unwanted humidity in the home. Bingo!

Watch Those Windows 
Our last house light-wise was absolutely glorious. Sunshine flooded in at all hours of the day, filling the living space with light and loveliness.

But BOY was it HOT, and not even in the summer. On sunny winter days I’d start with the heating cranked up to 25, only to find myself living in a sweat box as the sun came out. It was like living in a greenhouse!

So my advice to you would be: try to keep windows on the right side of brightness. Or if you have big ones, make sure you can curtain them.

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Put Another Jumper On/Take One Off
I am SO guilty of whipping the heating on each and every time I feel a bit chilly, and this can get expensive if, like me, you work from home most of the time. One thing I’ve done lately to try and cut down on my unwanted heating bills is to just stick a freaking jumper on.

I also keep a blanket on my desk chair, which gets draped around me if I start to shiver… so I don’t get too hot with the super-charged heating.

Open Windows
I’m always surprised at the number of people in our country who don’t open their windows! I think fresh air is amazing way to regulate the temperature in our home, as well as getting that all-important freshness circulating. So throw those windows open when you can!

How do you regulate the temperature in your house?

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