The Redundant Life

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My job, my lovely lovely job in the brilliantly wonderful ad agency has gone.

It has moved down to London without me, like a 23 year old bright eyed graduate leaving home with stars in her eyes. Along with the rest of my lovely lovely team’s jobs, it’s migrated down the M1 to the big city for bigger and better things.

Obviously I, the mum of two children who are well and truly happily based 40 miles north of London, have not moved with my job. Remember when I left my previous job in London to spend more time with those children? Yep. I had to say goodbye once again.


In a not-so poetic metaphor: redundancy is rubbish. This is the first time it’s happened to me and it’s been well and truly awful. Seven of us in total have been left without jobs in the department move and in truth it’s been a very sad situation. I loved my job, enjoyed going to work very much, saw my colleagues as friends and confidantes and to have that taken away quite swiftly was a bit shocking. As one of my work buddies put it (though she brilliantly illustrated this through the medium of unicorns so it was obviously heaps better) you go through the different stages of redundancy; you’re gutted, then angry, then you accept the news, return to being sad, and then move on to being mind-numbingly drunk.

Only I missed out on the drunk part because I had a stinking cold. WHY ME, WORLD?!

My team left a week ago and I had my final day in the London office last Thursday, having agreed to work from home to help manage the new staff bed-in for a couple more weeks. But it’s difficult, it’s hard. I miss my work friends, I don’t have a job to go to when this one ends and I’ve never been in this situation before. I am a fan of routine, I like knowing where I’m working, when I’m working, where I’ll be in six months (as much as I can, anyway). Not knowing makes me nervous. Not earning makes me nervous. Kids need shoes and all that.


I have, however, enjoyed being a bit more present in the children’s lives. Being able to dawdle on the school run and chat with the other mums rather than scoot straight off to the office has been lovely. Taking Hux to pre-school (I was always at work for the 9.15 start) is amazing. Not having to plan my free time down to the second is pretty cool. I have freedom for the first time in a long time.

It’s a shame you can’t use freedom to buy your groceries, eh?!


I know I will be OK, I always am. I work hard and I will find work again, whether it’s freelance or in a new agency, I have faith that a combination of my career history, work ethic and the universe will make sure the next step is a good one. Until then, here’s to that freedom.

And if anyone needs a freelance digital guru you know where to look (here! here! here!).

  1. I was made redundant a couple of years ago and although I hated my job and had planned to resign from that role not long after it happened, I still went through the horrible emotional rollercoaster of feeling like you’re not valued or wanted. I watched about 5 seasons of Mad Men in a week and didn’t get out of bed for a good fortnight after, but even though the anger is still quite fresh 2 years down the track, it opened up my eyes to a whole world of other opportunities that I might never have known about had I stayed in my comfort zone. Onward and upward! Enjoy the time you have now to explore these things and hang out with your kids. I’m sure something bigger and better will come your way soon. :)

  2. Ooh, what a shock. But you have to tell yourself it means better things are ahead. I lost a long term blogging client today. But I’m being philosophical; telling myself that it leaves me more time to build on my new business ideas.

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear. I went through redundancy twice in my work life and it sucks! But it does also open new roads. I’m sure you’ll be ok. I look forward to hearing what’s next for you, think positive and it will happen x

  4. So sorry to hear this. I didn’t want to read it and run. I really hope you find something else just as good or better very soon. xx

  5. I’m sorry that you’re going through the redundancy process – it’s grim, even worse when you have a job you like and colleagues who you enjoy working with

    Hoping that lots of wonderful, exciting new opportunities turn up soon

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