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Pushing Poison Out
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What’s your poison? And no, not your favourite beverage. Your poison being the things in your life that you know are bad for you, but up to now you’ve unconsciously (or consciously) allowed them to cling onto your life and drag it down a bit (or a lot) along the way.

We all mostly have some kind of toxic waste in our lives that could do with being disposed of imminently, here are a few we can’t dispute;

  • Excessive binge drinking, smoking, junk food 
  • Abusive and obscenely difficult people
  • A job that’s making you absolutely miserable

There are of course more than this, and you probably have an idea already of what your poison is but you may be unsure exactly how and when to get rid of it without causing too much disruption.

Expect Disruption

Shifting a habit, or phasing out someone is not an easy task to endure, there’s a process involving symptoms like withdrawals and temptation that you need to battle while the poison is slowly but surely exiting your life. With any real change in your life, it takes time, and so allow yourself to feel sad, guilty, angry, you’re only human after all.

Filling The Void

You’re gradually getting rid of that which doesn’t add much to your life other than stress, upset, or a negative impact on your health. However, now you’re left with what seems like an enormous gulf in your life. Time instantly feels slower now that you’ve cut out talking to and spending time with a womaniser or handed in your notice for a job that wasn’t adding anything to your life. Luckily the answers simple, you need to find something else to fill your time, fast! You could fill the void of smoking by vaping, just make sure you keep a 18650 battery at the ready, plan a dinner party launching the new better you, start a side business making t-shirts and selling them on Etsy, read a gripping book, or cross-stitch. And after a while, the time you once thought you had will be filled up with new, better stuff for you to do that doesn’t worsen or create unnecessary problems in your life. 

You May Relapse

But don’t beat yourself up about it! Not to give you too many excuses, but it is natural to dip back into old habits no matter how bad they are for us. Hopefully, if you do relapse, you’ll remember almost instantly why you intended on cutting out an emotionally draining friend and decided to put effort into making grown-up friends instead or those cigarettes in the first place. And so, if you swore you would never reaccess your Instagram because it was making you feel self-conscious about your body, or you promised yourself you wouldn’t have more than three drinks on your night out, and it happened, it’s done there’s nothing you can do about it except to dust off and try again.

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Being self-aware enough to recognise areas of your life that could do with changing and being made better shows that you’re conscious and willing to look after number one. When you’re in the process of pushing poison out, keep going, it will always be a struggle, but you can do it!


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