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Proven Ways to Be Happy at Work

Research has shown that the number of people who are unhappy in their work far outweighs the number of workers that are happy in their employment. Many people would say this is a way of life and that working is just a way to earn a living; you do not have to feel this way about your job though and even if it was not your first choice, there are things you can do to make it more bearable.

Not everyone can have their dream job, but there is no reason why you cannot be happy at work and hopefully, these few tips will help you to feel that way about your employment.

Realize The Importance

Every job is important for some reason and you need to identify the importance of yours.  If someone did not do the task of sorting paperwork into order, just as an example, it would not be ready for the next person in the line of the processes. If there were not any workers making packaging it would be very difficult to move some products around, and if the workers were not out collecting the trash from bins how would it get to the disposal plants? If no one filled the shelves in a supermarket there would be nothing for consumers to buy.

Once you realize the significance of your job it will make it more meaningful and that will contribute to making you happier at work.

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Create Your Own Space

It is not always possible to create your own space and it depends very much on the type of job you have. If you work inside and have a workstation of some sort, make it your own by adding a few personal items. As long as they do not compromise health and safety or go against the rules of your employer, they will help to relax you and make you feel more comfortable while you are at work.

Find A Friend

Workers who have friends in the workplace are much happier than those that don’t. It does not have to be someone you knew before you started the employment. Cultivate friends within the workplace and then being able to socialize at break time, or having someone to discuss problems with can make you feel much happier about going to work every day.

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Look To The Future

We have all heard stories of people that started on the bottom rung of the ladder and ending up running the company. It is not impossible to advance in any workplace if you have the drive and qualities that are needed.

It could be that you need more qualifications to advance in your chosen line of work, and the advent of technology and online courses means you can get them while you are in full-time employment. These can be vital as any advancement can present you with new challenges and that can make the work much more fulfilling.

Courses such as an organizational leadership degree online, or an online MBA can be the perfect way to advance your career. The flexibility that online courses provide means they will fit in with any lifestyle. There are various start dates throughout the year so that students do not have to wait for a normal school year before they can get begin, which makes the whole process so much more available.

Ask For Feedback

Ask the people you work with for feedback, both good and bad, and thank them before they give it. Research has shown that when people say thank you when they are requesting something they receive a much more positive result.

If the feedback is negative ask how you can improve as often people will assist one another in the workplace and that can help to develop good working relationships.

Smile More Often

Smiles are catching and the more often you smile at people the more smiles you will receive. When you smile your body releases neuropeptides, which tell your brain to be happier. Suddenly a very sullen looking workforce can become a much happier looking one just because someone bothered to smile.

Take A Break

It does not matter if it is a ten-minute coffee break or an hour for lunch; breaks in your working day are vital. It is incredibly easy to tire yourself out during the working day and a break will revitalize you. It can be difficult to stay productive and cheerful without a break and it is counterproductive not to take them.

A lack of breaks can cause stress to build which can affect the quality of your work as well as the relationships you have with other people. A wise boss will insist that everyone takes the breaks they should have, as then the whole workforce will cope better with the day-to-day work they have to do.

Stay Healthy

Having a healthy diet, drinking enough water, exercising enough and getting the sleep you need will all contribute to keeping you healthy physically and mentally.  Instead of having sugary snacks from a vending machine, pack yourself a healthy lunch and take some fruit or nuts to eat if you get peckish in the day.

Try to take a short walk in your lunch break, or if you have the choice between stairs and an elevator, take the stairs every time. Eating healthily, getting exercise and drinking plenty of water will all help to keep your blood sugars at a reasonable level and this helps to prevent headaches and a loss of concentration.

You cannot expect to be ready for a days work if you have slept for just 4 or 5 hours. If this is the case, you will feel sluggish and moody and that is not going to help you feel happy at work. A healthy adult should aim for between 7 and 8 hours each night and then you will be much more able to cope with the challenges and stresses your work presents you with.

One Job At A Time

It is a myth that people who multitask get more work done. Research has shown that trying to work in this way actually wastes more time than it saves. Do one job at a time and each time you complete one you will feel more motivated to move onto the next. If it helps, compile a checklist at the start of each day and then just cross off each task as you complete it.

Congratulate Yourself

When you have a good day at work you should congratulate yourself on a job well done. This can be just a proverbial pat on your own back, or maybe treating yourself as a reward. It does not have to be anything huge but something that tells you well done, such as a takeaway meal instead of cooking or buy a new nail polish you have been hankering for.

Congratulating yourself will improve your feelings of well being and make your work life a happier one.

Accept Other People as They Are

You may disagree with the way someone does a job or how he or she interacts with other people. This does not mean that you are right and they are wrong. Everyone is different and you can save yourself a lot of stress if you just accept the other workers as the people they are.

If you feel yourself getting annoyed because of this, try the old technique of counting to 10 before you speak. Never point your finger at anyone and avoid confrontation as much as possible. You will gain respect for acting this way and that will enhance your working day.

Be Organized

A tidy desk or workstation makes you feel more prepared for the day ahead. You will work more efficiently in an organized space and work will seem less daunting. Work can be stressful enough without clutter meaning you have to search for things that have become hidden.

Think About Your Day

Think about how your day has been. Ask yourself why you are working so hard and respond with something positive to that question. This will help you to understand why your job matters to you and will help you to realize that there is more to it than earning a living. Keep a note of any really good days or special achievements so that if you so feel a bit low you have a reminder of how good work can be.

There are not many people that do not need to generate an income in some way and if you enjoy what you have to do that is even better.  Many people have to take a job that they would not have chosen if money was not the objective, but that does not mean you have to be miserable all the time if that is your situation.

If you have to spend 8 hours a day at work that is a large part of your life. Improving the position you find yourself in and keeping yourself happy at work is crucial or the whole of your life will be affected.


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