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Preparing Your Bedroom For Autumn

Preparing Your Bedroom For Autumn

The nights are getting cold, the evenings are drawing in… sounds like the introduction to a romantic movie, does it not?

Only it isn’t. It is, in fact, the beginning to my very own season of HORROR.

OK, I may have over-egged that slightly. There’s nothing horrific about autumn (save for the actual horrific stuff – the fake blood, the faux head-embedded machetes, the ghosts – that arrive come Halloween).

Except for me, the coldest person on the planet, the one who shivers in anything less than balmy 30-degree heat… autumn signifies the beginning of the cold seasons. And I HATE the cold seasons.

“Hate” is a strong word, I hear you cry. But when I think about how much I detest the feeling of shivering, of those early nights, there really isn’t a word strong enough.

I’ve learned some techniques, though, that dial the autumn discontent down from ‘hate’ to ‘dislike’. Here’s what I do to get over that October drop in temperature…

Re-Vamp Your Bedroom To Be Cosy
OK, OK, so I might direct the odd eyeroll towards those who adorn their mantlepieces with pumpkins and see fit to switch out their curtains for cosier, heavier versions. But you know, I think they might be on to something here! For the bedroom may I suggest a faux-fur blanket, some cushions so deep you could sink in to them and, yep, cosy and heavy curtians? At Home Comforts by Jack Stonehouse is a great place to start with your shopping.

Embrace The Woolies
I used to resist buying woollen clothes – the jumpers, the heavy heavy coats – refusing to nod to the fact the temperature will soon be dropping. But I soon realised that’s just a waste of time: invest in some lovely quality warm clothing and the mercury drop is much easier to handle.

Special recommendation goes here to cashmere socks: yes, the washing is a pain. But once you pop cashmere on your tootsies, I promise you’ll never go back.

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Go Hygge
Is there a word more over-used these last 5 years on the internet than ‘Hygge‘? If there is I’d definitely like to hear it. Come to think of it, I’d also like to hear Hygge too, having no idea how to pronounce it – still – after all this time.

But, being able to pronounce it or not, there’s still a lot to be said about Hygge. Fairy lights, candles, cashmere blankets, snuggles on the sofa? Count me IN for that part of the cold months.

Embrace The Baths
Autumn is, and this might sound odd, the perfect time to re-vamp your bathroom, too. It might not sound natural to spend time preparing the room where you brush your teeth, but from where I’m standing, perfecting your bathing space is the perfect way to welcome in the cold months! I like to give my bathroom a deep clean in October at the least, perhaps going so far as to purchase new towels and absolutely beautiful bath oils: go on, you deserve it.

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