A Blog Post To Tell You I’m Pregnant

A Pregnancy Announcement

It turns out that it’s not just my noisy neighbour we have to blame for my current state of exhaustion.

pregnancy announcement

Yep, I am knocked up again! This is a pregnancy announcement! We will have another Harold baby entering the world in May next year, and I almost feel more nervous telling my blog than I did telling my parents.

It was oddly a bit of a shock when I found out a month ago; odd because Elfie is proof that if Will and I put our minds to it (and other body parts…) we can produce a baby, but still there was (and still is to some degree) a sense of disbelief. We will have two children under two. Oh my god.

My thought process this time round has been interesting to note. I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Elfie I was so overwhelmed and excited that I couldn’t wish away the pregnancy quickly enough, I wanted to meet her NOW, if not sooner. This time I sighed in relief that we have nine months to prepare for the new addition to our lives, and I’m going to relish every last bit of the pregnancy while my firstborn is still an only child.

Aside from the exhaustion thing thoroughly kicking my arse I’ve also had big issues with food. I’m experiencing constant nausea that can be slightly alleviated with food (much the same as with Elfie) but most foods are making me heave. A pan of bacon nearly finished me off with all the heaving this week (it was the good stuff too, Oscar Mayer American streaky bacon) and I just love bacon. I had to go to bed.

For someone who enjoys food as much as I do it’s so very hard to not be able to eat. This chicken pasta, for example? I managed about three mouthfuls. Lunch last Sunday at Brawn? Meh. I’ve lost 5lbs and can’t wait for my appetite to come back.

pregnancy announcement pregnancy announcement

 I have  a little tummy pouch already; apparently this is quite normal for second babies because your abdomen muscles are shot to shit. Don’t judge me for wearing leggings – I’ve decided if I’m at home then it’s OK in the name of comfort. Stretchy stretchy comfort.

Bring on the heartburn, the bloating, the itchy skin, the foot swelling… yay, pregnancy!!

  1. I’ve just said it on twitter but I’ll say it again… big congratulations! Fingers crossed the nausea gives you a break soon , and atleast you’re not going to be super pregnant in the middle of summer again! xx

  2. MAJOR SQUEAL!! I think we’re really close in dates! I’m somewhere at the end of April/start of May. Hoping to get a exact date at the 12 week scan! Cant go near bacon either but then I’ve not been able to go near any food! It’s strange how quick we’ve started showing isnt it! I feel like a house already! x

  3. Wooohooooo! Congratulations. One more of my favourite bloggers (in addition to a few very good friends) pregnant – I really have to hurry now if I want to join the club of 2012 babies. Lots of love, D

  4. Oh wow! Congratulations. I’ve just had my third, and I’m still very much in the ‘babymoon’ period – and it is just so special.

    Hope the nausea passes soon, it really is horrid.

  5. WOW Alice, this is awesome news! I am so so happy for you. I have subscribed to your blog at least 3 times now and I am still not receiving updates in my inbox so every now and then I come back to MTT to see if you have updated and have a marathon reading session. How exciting is this post! And I almost missed it :-(
    Congratulations lovely lady xx

  6. I remember reading this post the for the first time and the whole ‘shot to shit’ bit made me giggle so hard a but of wee came out. Oh bollocks.

  7. ” I have a little tummy pouch already; apparently this is quite normal for second babies because your abdomen muscles are shot to shit. ”
    ha ha! thank you for this! I am now nine weeks and i feel like a big fatty. why must i look five month pregnant by now?!

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