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POP The Fashion Store

POP The Fashion Store

I often moan that since we moved away from London we’ve felt a bit short-changed for decent restaurants and have to travel for a really good dining experience. The same is true for clothes shopping; we have Milton Keynes Shopping Centre a 20 minute drive away with your usual high street suspects but in our little town there are no Start Boutiques, no Selfridges. Just a lot of shops for ladies a generation or two older than me. Think twinsets, pastel linen and Noa Noa – great for lots of ladies here but just not my taste.

When my new local friend Kaisa Larkas-Mossop told me she had taken on the lease on one of the ladieswear shops I was delighted; not only is Kaisa a fashion PR/Journalist  but she has excellent taste in clothing. And did I mention she has three adorable kids under 5 and teaches a local fitness class too? Kaisa is basically superwoman, but with better clothes.

It’s been really exciting to see everything come together and after what seemed like a whirlwind of vintage display case purchasing, label scouting and lots of excitement, POP The Fashion Store was born! I was lucky enough to go along to the press launch last Friday evening, attended by bloggers, local press and even London-based fashion heavyweights from Cosmo and Selfridges.


Moxham Amulet Necklace / Finsk Wedges

At POP Kaisa has created an Aladdin’s cave of her favourite brands, plenty of whom I’d never heard of before. You’ll find Minna, Finsk (a Lady Gaga favourite), Moxham and Nurma as well as creator of my new favourite skull bracelet accessories, Elkin. She’s also stocking necklaces made by my talented Auntie Tina, who I am chortling with in the photo above along with my beautiful cousin Harriet.

Elkin Skull Bracelets

The beautiful Annalie who writes a great blog about our local shops 

The launch was attended by some of my favourite bloggers like Charlotte, Jenny and TheMiniPost who did all branding and design for POP. There were also some very lovely local ladies in attendance which is great, because right now my social life needs all the help it can get and it has been wonderful to meet some like-minded mothers in the area.

Kaisa with Jenny, owner of organic kid’s clothing company KyNa boutique

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Kaisa and her lovely husband Phil


My main MILF Charlotte chatting with her husband and TheMiniPost, and the gorgeous Kari from Style My Baby London

I’d describe Kaisa’s vision as Finnish cool with a British twist (erm, that sounds kind of ridiculous); there are plenty of simple and classic day dresses, beautiful tops, jackets and shoes with a trendy slant. Think COS with a bit more colour and texture. My personal favourite pieces at the moment include this Minna Beth top, the Nurmi dress Kaisa wore to the launch, the Finsk leopard print flats, an amazing Jane Goodchild tote that isn’t in stock yet and the Moxham Amulet necklace. Will has already joked that he will just be giving Kaisa my whole birthday present allowance from now on and allowing her to choose the best bits from POP for me.

Do pop in (see what I did there?!) if you’re ever in North Buckinghamshire (we’re only 30 minutes from Euston by train), but if not you can have a nosy at Kaisa’s online shop which also launched last Friday.

POP The Fashion Store, 4 Rose Court, Olney, MK46 4BY

Photographs courtesy of Siobhan Murphy

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  • Wow, that looks amazing and I now feel suitably uncool sat in my fluffy dressing gown, bed bound with my embarrassing illness! My best friend is about to move to Milton Keynes (boo :( ) – we shall have to visit :)

  • Not only is Kaisa’s website great, but her products are amazing. Please God open a male store. I’ll be in every day.

  • Kaisa’s shop is fantastic and another great addition to Olney. Olney is definitely becoming a shopping destination in its own right. And for all you mums that like to dress nice and buy quality unique toys for their little ones there is always a fab independent toy shop (“Independent toy shop?” I hear you cry!, yes a rare and dying breed I know!!) called Happy Days Toy Shop.

    Sorry for shameless plug!!

    if you’re in Olney, please pop in, or find us on Facebook

  • We would have loved to have seen you there. Sorry we didn’t say hello. We would LOVE for you to join our circle of bloggers that write frequently for
    Email me if you would like to know more. Huge fans and friends with Kaisa.

    Regards, Michaela x

    • Hi Michaela, sounds fab! I will get in touch with you ASAP, though it may be after I finally evict this baby from my womb… x

  • Muddling Along… Thanks for your order!! The top was shipped your way as soon as you ordered so you will get it by 1pm tomorrow.
    And a massive YES for a coffee in Olney, I would love to meet you!
    Adam, you’re not the first person to say I should do menswear so maybe I should start giving it some serious thought…
    Suzanne, thanks!! And you know I always come to Happy Days when I need a gift for someone. You have a great selection. See you all soon. xxx

  • Thanks Steph! And yes, she does look good, even when 9 months pregnant. (Lucky b…h – hehe!) xxx

  • What a lovely looking store – and you look amazing!!

    Must go and look at online shop. Like I need it… But I’m sure I won’t be able to resist…

    K xx

    • Thanks Kitty! And I like your mentality. Mine is the same. I can always justify a new purchase… ;) Adding a lot more shoes on this morning by the way so keep checking back!x

    • It’s a brilliant shop! I MUST get Erin down there the next time she comes out this way, there are some pieces I think she’d love (have already scouted possible birthday presents!) xx

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