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Polarised Lenses: How They Can Help Your Vision

At some point, and, even on regular occasions, you have no doubt experienced glare; that is, bright, reflected light bouncing off surfaces. It can make it incredibly difficult to see and might even be dangerous, especially if you’re driving.

Glare is particularly common where large, flat surfaces can be found, like roads and water.

It might feel like an occurrence you simply can’t avoid, but this isn’t the case. Specific lenses, known as polarised lenses,  have been created to protect your vision from things like glare. With summer only around the corner, glare will be aplenty and it pays well to be prepared! So, what are polarised lenses, how do they work and what are the benefits of wearing them?

What Are Polarised Lenses?

In bright conditions, sunlight is distributed in every direction. When light hits a flat surface, like a road, snow or body of water, the light becomes more concentrated or ‘polarised’. This is when blinding glare occurs, which often leaves you visually impaired for a period of time!

When the reflected light becomes polarised, it travels in a horizontal direction. Polarised lenses are made with a filter that block out horizontal light and only let vertical light into your eyes, making it much easier to see clearly.

The Benefits of Polarised

Wearing polarised lenses has a number of benefits for maintaining healthy and optimal vision. Eliminating glare is one of the biggest benefits of wearing polarised lenses, providing you with a more comfortable visual experience as you go about your daily business!

Polarised lenses can offer a high level of UV protection, which can reduce your risk of developing cataracts and photokeratitis. What’s more, polarised lenses can also offer enhanced colour perception, compared to normal tinted lenses. This ensures your vision is as clear and as authentic as possible.

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Wearing polarised lenses can prove beneficial to those who follow an active lifestyle. In particular, if you spend a lot of time on or near water for purposes such as boating, fishing or watersports, you might want to consider wearing polarised lenses. Likewise, if you are an avid skier or snowboarder, polarised lenses can reduce glare from the snow and ice.

Polarised lenses are also helpful if you drive frequently, or if you suffer from light sensitivity. This is because the lenses are able to protect your vision from bright light that can cause severe discomfort.

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