The Pink Office Chair of Dreams

Desk chairs are not sexy. They’re usually lumbar this, ergonomic that, and unilaterally form over function.

Normally, working in a corporate office environment, the ugliness of your desk chair is no big deal. Who cares what it looks like: it’s the piece of furniture that spends the day cosseting your bum so it surely has no reason to be any hint of attractive.

Unless, like me, you work from home. And your desk is in a part of your home where you distinctly don’t want to look at a black ergonomic chair pairing your thoughtfully chosen desk all day.

pink office chair

My own desk is the BRUSALI from IKEA, chosen because of the small corner I had here to work with. It’s slim so fits perfectly and has a brilliant amount of storage for its size.

After buying my desk I sat at one of my Vitra Eames chairs for a while, but the plastic wasn’t a great all-day seating option so I was on the lookout for something more  fluffy, something more permanent. I wanted a chair that was fun, colourful and distinctly un-office like.

The shot of chair-spiration I needed came to me out of nowhere, on (where else?) Instagram. I was watching the stories of my friend, the lovely Anna of One Roof Social, who was furnishing her new office with what is now known – in my head, at least – as the pink velvet chair of dreams.

A Pink Office Chair

pink office chair

I messaged Anna forthwith to enquire where I could get myself such a beauty of a seat, and she came back with the happy news that they were selling for a mere £62 on Amazon. I purchased it immediately and it arrived a couple of days later.

This chair has everything I want in an office chair, by which I mean I want about three things: for it to look good and feel good. Oh, and for it to be pink.

Plus, as a bonus, I built it myself in approximately ten minutes. And anything that easy to assemble is A-OK with me.

pink office chair

As a disclaimer, I will say that I don’t require any kind of special back support (though I prop myself up with one of those massive IKEA cushions on the day I need a little more OOMPH) and I don’t spend more than three work days a week in this chair, so it suits my back needs perfectly.

You can get the same chair on wheels – so it looks a little more office-y – or you can buy similar in sets of two, as well.

Go forth and beautify your office!!

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  1. OMG I can’t believe that chair is only £62! Tis gorgeous. Tempted to buy now and stash away for if we (ever) actually get a move on and move house!

    Posted 9.19.18 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      This is something I am always tempted to do with rugs!!!

      Posted 9.20.18 Reply