Pinch me

This post originally appeared in my old blog, viagra sale

My pregnancy is starting to feel slightly more real – I cant roll over in bed without my painful boobs waking me up, I had to leave a meeting this morning to eat a biscuit before I threw up, my stomach is bloated and I am exhausted. Plus there is the small matter of the 9 pregnancy tests I have now taken (one digital), my husband thinks I’m mad but I love seeing that line get stronger and stronger each day.

It’s funny, I used to spend a lot of my life worrying that I would never get pregnant and thinking that when I would get pregnant I would feel this sense of relief and relaxation, but now I’m pregnant I can’t stop worrying about every symptom, every twinge.  I know I shouldn’t; I’m young, I’ve never been healthier, my mother never miscarried, I’m on my folic acid and doing all the right things but I can’t help the guilt and worry. Apparently this is what it is going to be like for the rest of my baby’s life (says Babycentre).

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