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The Perfect Mum Jeans

The Perfect Mum Jeans

perfect mum jeans

Jeans. Always a bit of a problem for a woman of a certain age with a tummy of a certain size, am I right? As soon as I gave birth to my first child I entered a world in which I could no longer purchase the Topshop Baxters I’d been wearing since I was 16, a world that involved finding new denim suited to my new body type. That might sound like the ultimate in middle class problems, but as a mum when you barely have the energy to wash your hair you most certainly don’t have the energy to pick a more interesting outfit than ‘jeans and a top’.

I get a bit wistful now when I mull over the hipster jeans I used to wear with abandon, thinking nothing of exposing my tummy button to the world every time I reached for the top shelf in the supermarket. If ONLY I’d appreciated the Baxter-ready body I so took for granted back then. Those were the days, eh?

Which is why ever since Elfie was born – that’s six years then – I’ve been hunting for my perfect jean. I’ve had flirtations with some (notably the slim-cut resolution from GAP) but none that have consistently stolen my heart.

Until M&S.

Mums, if you are also searching for the perfect pair of jeans, please head to the denim department at M&S. You won’t regret it: this is why I love them so:

– Slightly high-rise so I can tuck all my tummy in, not so high-rise that I feel like a fashion-forward teenager

– They STRETCH! I can bend and crouch without revealing bits of me that the general public don’t want to see

– They come in short and long: short is perfect for my little legs, regular is the perfect length for me to snip for a freyed hem, long is great for those I envy with legs for days

– They make bums look fantastic. Enough said

– They are between £15 and £25

Because I am a gullible fashion person who has previously spent up to £250 on jeans previously (I KNOW) I feel able to say: these are brilliant. I wear my three pairs of M&S way more than my bank-busting J Brand ones. If you’re in the market for some new denim head to your local Marks: now, if not sooner. Here are my picks for you… I own and love them all: I’m wearing the 5 Pocket Super Skinnies in the top image:

the perfect mum jeans

Skinny Leg Jeans, £19.50 | 5 Pocket Super Skinny Jegging, £22.50 | Mid-rise Skinny Leg Jean, £15

Awesome red Mariel handbag (top) c/o LK Bennet, £145, with Boyarde leather letters, £19 each.

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