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Pennyhill Park, Surrey
pennyhill park review

If I’m passionate about one thing, and it’s ‘me time’. And sleep.

OK, ailment so that’s two things, help but when you’re a sleep-deprived mother you tend to spend an inordinate amount of your ‘me time’ catching up on sleep, LOVELY SLEEP, so it goes hand-in-hand.

And so, on the weekends when the children are with their dad, I quite often find myself chasing the best quality sleep possible. This usually involves one of the following: a big bed, a glass of something fizzy, an excellent feed, a massive soft bed, a Jacuzzi and no pressure to do anything but relax.

Doesn’t that sound like perfection to you?

pennyhill park review

This was exactly what I found when I visited Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa in Surrey recently.

I was invited to visit by TEMPUR, the mattress company, who had obviously heard my sleep-deprived wails (totally feasible, they’re LOUD) and wanted to indulge my eye-bags in the nicest way possible. By treating me to a night of the best sleep in my life.

I arrived at 2pm on a drizzly Saturday afternoon and my car was swiftly whisked away by a very polite suited concierge. Valet parking is literally one of my favourite things in the world so I was already happy, and we hadn’t even got to the snoozing part of the show.

pennyhill park review pennyhill park review

I was swept up to my sweet room in the eaves of the newer section of the hotel and given a guided tour of all the things I love in life: massive shower, big bed, fridge for wine, pillow menu (I went for a memory foam pillow), room service menu, ipad mod cons, spa directions… yeah. I was in heaven.

With reservations for dinner with my lovely friend Emma at 8, I decided to do the first thing any sensible woman in my position would do. Go and drink champagne in the spa.

pennyhill park review pennyhill park review

I won’t go into huge details about how incredibly amazing the spa at Pennyhill Park is (and it really was incredibly amazing) because you should go and see it for yourself. But with a gorgeous indoor pool, hundreds of hot tubs and a whole range of thermal experiences plus wonderful staff catering to your every whim I shall just say: WOW.

A couple of hours later I went back to my room for one of those showers so powerful you feel like you may drown – amazing! – then out for a lovely dinner with my great friend Emma at Pennyhill Park’s brasserie. Much (MUCH) wine, steak and fun was consumed, before I popped off back to my bedroom and that beautiful Tempur mattress for a whole ten hours of sleep. Such luxury!

pennyhill park review pennyhill park review

I lay there in bed, thinking about what I could tell you about the mattress. It was gorgeously firm in a way that only a TEMPUR memory foam mattress can be. Using a material originally developed by NASA to support astronauts during the strain of lift-off, the mattress was incredibly comfortable. Firm not hard, soft not spongy. It really was brilliant, I had the most gorgeous night’s sleep and awoke feeling like I’d been kissed all over by angels.

Kind of.

pennyhill park review

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It was so good that I ordered my breakfast to be delivered to my room the next morning, luxuriating in bed in total comfort until the very final check-out time of 11am. Sleep perfection at its finest.

And then I went back to the spa for three hours because I am wise.

pennyhill park review pennyhill park review

I think the biggest thumbs up for my nights sleep this drizzly Saturday is that I’ve been watching Pennyhill’s special offers page like a hawk, and as soon as there’s one that coincides with the children spending another weekend with their dad I’ll be back.

If you’re looking for a place to catch up on your sleep and make you feel like a million dollars, then head to Pennyhill Park and hop on one of their TEMPUR mattresses. QUICKLY.

See you there!


Thank-you so much TEMPUR  for sending me to the beautiful Pennyhill Park for the purposes of this review. 

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