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Party Time

Party Time

This post originally appeared in my old blog,

I am hungover. In the last 48 hours I have had a pounding headache, felt like something has died in my mouth and have thrown up more times than I care to remember (muslin cloths work for grown-up ills, too).

Our friends got married on Saturday afternoon and had the most fantastic wedding. They wed in a small ceremony at the town hall then a party followed at a private member’s club. As they’re both rockers there was a skull and crossbones theme and, crucially for my heaving head, an all-day free bar. Dangerous. The bride fantastically wore black Jenny Packham and some of my very favourite friends were in attendance.

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Previously to this, the last night out I had was Halloween 2009. I was a two-week pregnant spooky Amy Winehouse and I celebrated with a big group of friends in a Shoreditch bar (sidenote: I’m not sure why, but dressing up seems to cease being fun at around 15, but as soon as you hit your mid 20’s it becomes fun again… weird). I hired a beehive wig, bought a Winehouse tattoo set online and even wore ballet shoes… read the rest of this post at my mumplusone blog.

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