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papershades lampshades

There’s nothing I love more than finding a new lovely brand that is not only a small business born of love and talent but is also something unique, a brand I know only a handful of people will be aware of.

(Until I post a blog about it on the World Wide Web, anyway).

Papershades, an art-based lampshade company, is one such brand and comes at the perfect time as the interiors world is getting all Hygge with it. Set up by an artist whose work is rooted in paper collage, Papershades began life as a way for Rosalind Freeborn to make her art available beyond canvas. Rosalind first learned her art theory in oils but swiftly moved on to work entirely in paper, using thousands of fragments like strokes or blobs of paint, She now uses a variety of tissue, wallpaper, wrapping paper, packaging and pages of magazines to produce her creations.

papershades lampshades

It may sound like a simple concept but it’s taken a while for the idea to develop. Ros had to find a way to ‘reinvent the wheel’ – or reinvent the lampshade. She’s created two sizes of wheels which can grip panels of paper, forming a lampshade which fits comfortably and safely on the average lamp or ceiling light.

The result is a range of gorgeous floral-inspired lampshades that will bring a touch of colour and light to any room: “I wanted to create a collection of bright, tissue paper collages which conjure feeling of summer”, says Ros. “The canvases are covered with a riot of poppies, roses and wild flowers”.

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papershades lampshade

I’ll be purchasing a pair for either side of my bed when I move house in a couple of weeks, leaning towards the Oxford for a touch of feminine pink. All shades can be bought from Ros’s website Papershades, where you’ll also find information about her make-your-own-lampshade workshops.

I love them – Papershades was the perfect brand to discover this weekend in honour of Small Business Satuday.

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